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The right time to start is today

The right time to start is today

Wednesday June 06, 2018,

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Are you still in the planning phase of setting your online business, If yes then you are in the most important phase of planning. Let us help you to take your plans to execution. Start today as it’s the right time if you are still confused and planning to start your Amazon business this year?

Start before it is too late as “It is never too early or late to chase your dreams” soon be an entrepreneur. The right time is “Today.”

It’s not that expensive and very easy to get started.

Infact many people have started their own business with jus 20K. We are about to enter into festive season in India which starts from 15th August and sales goes up to 14th Feb i.e. Valentine Sales

This festive season helps to drive online business of new sellers and this phase helps to motivate them as well. See how it goes in a sequence –

1. Initially, you should start with Joining AMZ Blast & Start with the Formalities and documentation

a) Start formalities in the month of June like having your bank account, GSTIN and everything that you require so by the end of the first week of June you will have all the formalities done.

b) Simultaneously understand the complete business process with AMZ Blast training and shortlist some of the products.

c) Seek mentors advice and go with the best one after their approval and you are all set to order your first stock.

2. Launch Your First Product (Mid June – 1st week of July)

a) Once you are done with all this order your first stock in 2nd week of June.

b) Most probably in the 3rd week, you will receive your product from a manufacturer and you are all set to list and launch it.

c) Launch the product on Amazon so as to avoid any delay as it requires almost a month to stabilise the product in market.

3. Steady Sells of First Product, Add 2nd Product (August 2017)

a) Watch sells for the starting 2-3 weeks and improve it better with our suggested strategy.

b) Sidewise start looking for the second product and invest there too so as to boost your inventory and fit into customer’s demand.

c) Add 2nd product by mid of August by following the same procedure and guidelines we provide. Watch and earn from the listed products and also hunt for the new ones as per the market demand and your customer feedback.

4. Add 2 More Products (September end – October first week)

a) As people now know your brand and they trust you.

b) Add 2 more products in your inventory in this very first week so as to meet up their requirements of your customers.

c) Doing this, you will already have 3-4 products in inventory.

d) We will roll out final strategy to boost sells and target more number of users during festival season.

e) Enjoy first mega sell during Dussehra sale. As per our study the sales multiply rapidly resulting in huge profits during seasonal sales.

5. Follow Our Final Strategy for Festival Months

a) Now finally it’s time to hit the last nail. Set a target to add 2 more products in very first week of November.

b) Prepare for product stocking, FBA formalities and sells.

c) Arrange gifts, discounts and giveaway strategy to boost sells during festival season so as to attract more customers.

6. Enjoy Bumper Sells during Festive season

a) Now just sit and relax. Watch your products selling. With these 5-6 products and complete strategy, you are all set for bumper sales.

b) Keep monitoring sells and restock product before getting out of stock.

Why is it better?

In an online business your income isn’t determined by the number of working hours but the level of productivity you can produce during the hours you work. By spending your time on marketing and income producing activities you can significantly reduce the number of hours you have to work in order to bring in a sustainable income. 

Your business is open 24/7 365 days and keeps running even when you sleep. You don’t have to be present in order for a transaction to occur, you just have to be consistent with your efforts and focus on the right things to grow and sustain your business.

Start Today and Be Your Own Boss!