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Tracerates A SaaS Based Startup Aim to boost the Pharmaceutical Industry Sector helps the Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers to get business and manage the orders and get best price from the market.

Saturday August 20, 2016,

3 min Read

The trio who's experience is more than fifteen years in the pharmaceutical software industry industry were working on a solution from the last one and half years and today emerged as a startup from Mumbai with a revolution for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Industry and Traditions

The traditional industry works totally in the phone calls and personally visiting the retail customers by distributors sales man. The startup claims to be a helping hand for the distributors and stockists to multiply their sales through their unique ordering and price handling system in which Chemist shops can order and get the estimated rates and the details regarding the delivery also.

TRetailers often loss sales because of non availability of product or the knowledge of substitutes in the market in the same time stockists are having the same products but there is no connectivity to contact them . Tracerates which claims to fill the gap between the chain also assure the retailers to get competitive price for the products.

New Changes

The new improved connectivity and ordering app also plans to give access to the exporters and importers to get orders and rates from the market. Founders of the startup says that their concept is unique and the need to survive in the competitive market. Tracerates started registration for the distributors to enroll them self as the suppliers are the pillars of any business. We started receiving registration for pharmaceutical suppliers from Mumbai which is a great success for us, they says.

The company is launching the system though Andorid and IOS mobile application along with a web login and stand alone application for them who are not happy to use the browser and where trusted internet connectivity is not available.

We are in the pharmaceutical market from the last fifteen years to provide IT solutions and also having thousands of the clients from wholesales and retail sector who gave us the opportunity to serve them and recognize us as their IT service provider.


The team of three is setup to launch the whole system by the end of this year and expecting to expand to the other potential markets too. "Now we are in to talk with the investors to invest in our delivery management system which will be our next phase in the market after launching the solution and successful acceptation from the market"
"This product Tracerates would be a great success because of the uniqueness of the system, which is developed after many market research and using our experience in the industry, it is today's need who wanted to grow their business and also want to the best IT solutions to backup the business. We are starting tracerates from the Pharmaceutical industry and wanted to expend to other markets like FMCG, Fruits and vegetables etc, our next solution will be for FMCG which is a growing market and need an automation system. Now we are in to talk with the investors to invest in our delivery management system which will be our next phase in the market after launching the solution and successful acceptation from the market. We are happy to here from you, you can write us at [email protected] , You can reach us through , or via Google Plus" -