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Publishing the first one with Feynman Attitude

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Publishing the first one with Feynman Attitude

Monday May 29, 2017,

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The article was actually posted on LinkedIn and examples are accordingly related. Assume yourself to be on LinkedIn or click on the link: Publishing the first one with Feynman Attitude (LinkedIn version).

Uncluttering the cluttered

Uncluttering the cluttered

How many of you are still thinking that writing is not for you, that you don't have the time or that you don't have that creative little guy in you (That guy is in everyone)?

I went through one of the @Gary Vee's posts which was quite a trigger. I invite you to visit the link. It's really one the biggest tip which would remove the self-created obstacles of mind with a click. (Link at the bottom)


So here am I, writing the first article. But what should I write about? Anything I like as Gary said. That's quite a lot of things. Life, philosophy, music, sports, India, France, life in France, French language may be? Cluttered right, just like the banner image above and for that matter life, in general.

1. So Let's Simplify

Do you realise you are on linkedin? You got that right. Not yet? LinkedIn dammit!

You look at the context and position yourself. Strategic context can tell you exactly how you have to position for being successful in that context. Whether it's a product or you, it works because it's a universal law.

LinkedIn has created this strong ecosystem for professionals, the context of professionalism so what you have to do is position yourself as the world's most, the best, the top, the greatest professional ever in the history and that's the perception you leave for all the members of the ecosystem.

So what the hell I am doing at the moment? I am just happy about my first article. :) To inspire someone, that should be everyone's job. You got that too.

I am on LinkedIn and I belong to digital marketing and growth hacking world. I will be talking about SEO, SEA, SMO, SXO, CRO, UX, UI, DMP, RTB, Programmatic, web marketing analytics, A/B testing, data analytics, coding, design, data science, bitcoin, blockchain, AI, IOT, pitching etc etc etc.

See how simply I have defined my positioning in the context. Above blabber of acronyms is just the tip of an iceberg, so watch out for next post.

2. What's up with this Feynman attitude?

You are thinking, this guy's a genius to know everything in the industry and write articles on. I wish it was true but the real genius is Feynman.

You know Feynman right? You don't. Haw.

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize winning physicist who worked in the field of theoretical physics, things like, quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics. Genius right!

He proposed the Feynman Technique and that's what I will be using and you could too.

The Feynman Technique is a mental model that helps you learn and understand concepts, complex or not, in a crystal clear way.

Four steps of the technique:

1. Take a blank piece of paper and write the title of the concept. (In my case, blank article web page on LinkedIn and concept will be a topic of my field)

2. Start explaining the concept in the simplest language and words. The objective is to make the concept understandable by a small 5 year old. Highlight the things not quite well understood. If the child can't understand, you haven't understood yourself. (I hope I will be able to make things simpler and if not you are going to help me through your comments)

3. Review the pinpointed parts of the concept that you haven't understood by going back to the study. (Yup, got to do that for my audience. Comments will also be reviewed and taken into account)

4. Simplify paraphrasing and use analogy as much as possible. (That's the plan)

This is what I call Feynman Attitude. I am no genius. The plan is to jump straight on to the LinkedIn, choose a concept or experience or case study or anything and start explaining in the most simple way possible with analogies and different insights.

This way I am setting up a learning process for you and for me.

I would like to invite you to give comments and like the article in case you liked anything or not. Positive criticism and feedbacks are most welcome.

And here is the link to Gary Vee's blog,