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Simple yet effective ways to make users visit your app regularly

Out of millions of apps out there, only a few manage to retain users effectively. Considering the current, fast-changing app landscape, you simply cannot blame users alone. We know that their attention span is shrinking alarmingly, and their patience with poor performing apps is almost nil. So, what makes some app successful while many to simply vanish from the horizon?

Simple yet effective ways to make users visit your app regularly

Monday October 30, 2017,

3 min Read

There are several reason for this, but let’s look at some of the most important ones.

Before that, we need to understand the nature of the flow of the apps to gain some understanding in what to expect when you launch your app in the market. Let us take it this way, the amount of flow apps into the market Vs app users, who, either regularly use an app or dump it right after the first use. Since the inflow of apps in the market is humungus, it is unrealistic to expect users to regularly use all of them. And, today, users simply have countless options - if one does not work they don’t think twice before moving to another.

With this scenario at hand, businesses and developers are forced to implement methods that makes users come back to the app, again and again. This is what we call ‘user retention’.

Some of the best app development companies are already implementing these methods to help businesses retain users. Here are they, not in specific order.

Quick load time: Users prefer quick-loading apps. Apps that loads fasters is more likely to make users come back, thus increasing the regular interaction rate.

Use Rich Push Notifications: Rich Push Notifications have been here for some time. More and more users are finding rich push notification to be more engaging and interesting than normal push notifications because it allows you to add videos, music, gifs, animations etc.

In case if you’re not aware of it, it’s worth learning about it.

Make onboarding smooth: When users get into you app for first time, offer them a smooth onboarding experience. Create an enticing welcome screen that will put them as ease. Instead of straightaway asking them to register, convince and educate them about the significance and benefits of registering. Offer them informative and attractive screens and guide them effortlessly through your product. This type of onboarding not just impresses the users, but also builds trust.

Turn your users into brand advocates: You can make your users as a platform to increase the reachability of your product. You could make users spread your product/service across social media. For example: offer them discounts if they share about your product on Facebook/Twitter etc.

Individualized user engagement: Through individualized notifications you are connecting with users on three different levels:

* Profile attributes: you can create attributes like user’s favorite part of the app, their number of session, demographic information of the user etc.

* Behavioral attributes: collecting details about particular user actions

* Profile and behavioral condition: Particular aspect they love about the app, irrespective of how long they’ve been inactive with the app

These insights would be valuable to you in formulating specialized offering for individuals. Also, this would  be an effective method to improve click-through rates.

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