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The art and science of your startup's marketing journey

This is the story of every startup's marketing as it goes through the ebbs and flows. It is the story of an interesting, yet an unpredictable journey. The journey of finding that story, that market, that content, those leads, and that marketing technology to power it all! Read on...

Wednesday June 28, 2017,

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Here's the story of marketing in a few video snippets. This is all marketing is, and that is all it does. Whether you are an emerging or an established startup, your story begins when someone believes in your idea and product. It starts with someone willing to tell and share your story. Are you ready to believe?

A startup journey can be quite a roller coaster, especially, when it is still early stage trying to bring the needed traction. I am sure, you all have heard of the ‘product market’ fit concept. It is when startups need to vet their idea/product with different market segments and find that niche. This is the quintessential step, in this multi-step journey. And once you find the fit, you can scale your marketing.

Product Market Fit - Deriving Success from First Principles

Most marketing today is centered around what you want to say or what you want your buyer to hear. How about what they want? What is their pain? And is your product in some way going to alleviate that? So to hone in to create that magic marketing strategy, you need to really understand your buyer. That's where it all begins. And of course, this cannot be done randomly. There's a science to this and of course an art when it boils down to creating compelling CONTENT that will hit them in the face and draw them in. Let's explore.

Creating a Compelling Content Strategy and Writing Content That Hits in The Face!

Marketing is the force behind it. And most of it today is driven by emerging and incumbent technology. Very recently, I read a post on why we all should bet on and invest in marketing technology than ads and others. In most recent interactions within marketing circles, the same question comes to the fore. This post is an inspiration from a question that someone asked me last week - what is your dream marketing stack, all things considered? Which marketing tech stack do you think is built to succeed, what is hot out there?

Power Your Marketing Stack!

Demand generation and marketing automation are tied to the hip. Marketing automation is required to run some of the demand generation. But demand generation is not just nurtured campaigns. It covers a lot of other digital marketing ground like SEO, paid marketing campaigns, affiliate programs, retargeting, content syndication programs, etc. All of this is essential to grow your SaaS marketing revenue and manage your pipeline intelligently.

Learn How Our 3D Approach to Demand Generation Can Power Your Marketing Pipeline!

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