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Today influence marketing has taken the place of digital ads

Nowadays everywhere we see we will find people swiping their phones and interacting via social networks. 

Today influence marketing has taken the place of digital ads

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

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Once you are able to influence customers, you are the king of today’s market. Influence marketing is built with impression. Nowadays everywhere we see we will find people swiping their phones and interacting via social networks. If you think twice then you will understand that influencer marketing has surrounded us from every sphere in current generation.


People’s voice is modernizing and after breaking the new era of digital marketing, influence marketing has taken space. Nowadays influencer content is framed as testimonial advertising, where third party is the potential buyer. There is a phrase, “Marketing with influencers is turning influencers to advocate the firm.” Before showing the difference between influencer marketing and digital ads first let me give you a little knowledge about influence marketing.

In this type of marketing an influencer is hired who try to promote your brand by influencing customer by writing blogs, contents and by advertising. Social marketing and content marketing are the two form of influencer marketing.

We know that nowadays on social media, user gives more reaction to rating rather than believing the brand by advertisement. The base of influence marketing is created by product description in social media. But digital ads are not given interactive response by consumer.

Honesty and trust is an important thing in marketing. We always have a trust and distrust on a media. It is noticed that traditional media is scrambled with misinformation but consumer never purchase good unless they are sure about the services and products which is perfect for them. Thus influencers have built up relations to gain trust by giving commitment to customers.

Compared to digital advertisements, when creating positive relation and building trust is the aim, influencer marketing creates positive message about the brand. So if comparison is done, influencer marketing is smarter process than digital ads for convincing consumers.

Today consumers believe on fellow consumer before taking any decision of purchasing, as the world is engaged with social media. Instead of knowing about the company’s records, they visit massive followings in Instagram, you tube, Pinterest, twitter, google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

People look at their favorite personalities who use the product or brand. For example, SRK is using Dish TV, so consumer thinks that dish TV is best. This is the part of influencer ad which is done by great personalities for your company sometimes.

Rise of social media has opened root of brands which can be connected with consumers on large scale through natural marketing method which influences people. Digital ads always have precise information about the products and services. People trust influencers because they provide updated details of the products, where as digital ads provides precise information.

Sometime influencers do not sell anything unlike digital ads but they share simple information for creating positive network. They follow some modes of communication like email newsletter for promoting products and advertising the services. Influencer marketing is easier than digital advertisement.

Influencer marketing does wonders via online which helps people to connect them with the world. With the help of writing it does wonders. It uses celebrities as influencer and honest and perfect information is shared by them. But digital ads are old style which cannot motivate new consumers in the market of competition. Thus, it can be said that influence marketing has captures the space if digital ads by motivating consumers following all the above procedures.