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Becoming the Leader of the On-demand e-Scooter App Development

Becoming the Leader of the On-demand e-Scooter App Development

Tuesday September 10, 2019,

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Global e-scooter market size reached a value of USD 17.43 billion in 2018 and is depicted to experience a CAGR of 8.5% in the forecast period.

E-scooters have gained popularity because of the growing on-demand commutation market leading to the introduction of smart e-scooter apps that can overcome the pain point of the city dwellers.

Evolution of e-scooters has paved the way for greener commuting options by offering an economical solution to the daily commuters. Overcoming the regular traffic congestion issues, e-scooters have bought the next wave in transport solutions.


With the growing demand of e-mobility in the industry, e-scooters have gained the spotlight like a lost gem which we had forgotten. People these days are looking for smarter commutation that can save their time from the tiring traffic congestion and offer them an affordable option. While business owners, on the other hand, are benefiting out of this opportunity and are all set to develop e-scooter mobile apps that can turn out as an environment-friendly solution and can save the planet.

The unicorns of the e-scooter app industry

Due to the pragmatic functionalities of e-scooters has attracted entrepreneurs to welcome this evolution and make an investment in it. Lime and Bird have been the pioneers of the e-scooter app industry that have managed to experience a good ROI and customer appreciation with its e-scooter app solutions.

As of January 2019, Bird raised a fund of $300M led by Sequoia Capital that further bought its valuation to $2B.

In July 2019, Bird app experienced weekly installs of over 120K, and the rate is growing rapidly.

Lime bike is available in more than 100 US markets and has approximately 10,000 daily active users.   

Major ride-hail giants including Uber are getting into e-scooter app revolution

E-scooters have a long way to go- one clear instance is Uber investing in Lime. Uber has always been waving flags of innovation and offering a mesmerizing experience to its users. From taxi sharing app to food delivering platform, Uber is all set to partner with e-scooters. In fact, in Florida, e-scooters have already been added as another option of commutation.

Uber has collaborated with Lime and Lime has received an investment of over $335 million round of financing. Uber is also planning to add its logo on the Lime’s e-scooters.  

Why e-scooter apps have become an instant hit amongst industry influencers?

The first thing that entrepreneurs look up before investing is ROI, how much they’ll get when they put in their money. E-scooters have good potential to offer you the best returns. Second thing, entrepreneurs need not worry about what if there’s no demand for the app in the future. E-scooters have gained huge popularity in the last two years so there’s a green signal for this industry in the coming time.

As of now, there are only countable competitors in the e-scooter market, it becomes easy to rank in the market and reach the customer’s eyes. As the competition isn’t that stuff for now, and being a less-explored model, getting into the e-scooter industry is a worthy and profitable idea.

How Seasia took the initiative to develop a similar app

Amidst this e-scooter hype, one of the US-based company (OUR CLIENT) approached us while looking for an e-scooter app development services. People around the city were looking for affordable scooter sharing services to roam around the city. Unlike the expensive cab sharing or bus rides, e-scooters are a cheap ride, and people prefer them over a taxi to get rid of the traffic congestion as well. So, considering these problems, the client wanted to build a seamless e-scooter application that would work out perfectly and get appreciated by the end-customers.

Our experts gathered and brainstormed with the client about their requirements, their target audience, budget, heard the pain points in order to plan the app user flow and app experience the client is expecting. We accomplished a clear project strategy that could work in real-time and put it into action.

Working out the details

We then moved to the next phase of Wireframes and initial prototypes- creating a wireframe of the app that had features solely based on the customer requirements. (We’ll discuss the app features a little later.)

To ensure that we completed every milestone with perfection and as per client requirements, we worked dedicatedly while following Agile methodology.

Our dexterous team developed each app module and carried out thorough testing of each phase simultaneously in order to fix the bottlenecks side by side. Making continuous improvements throughout the development process, we then moved to the next phase of testing all the modules and functionalities of the app.

What we delivered!

With this app, users can easily find and book an e-scooter in their area and travel freely in the city. Making easy and safe payments, smart lock, and hassle-free parking became the top attraction points for the customers to land upon this app. Here are the top features of the app which we delivered.

Key Functionalities:

  • QR Code: In order to start the ride, e-scooters can be scanned using QR code and ride can be started easily via the app.
  • Real-time Tracking: The app is enabled with real-time tracking functionality that allows users to find where they have parked the e-scooter or even check how far their e-scooter is.
  • In-app Payments: The app enables in-built multiple payment methods, so users can make safe and secure payments once they complete their rides.
  • Ride History: Users can easily check their past rides, fares, pick-up, and destination details via the app.
  • Smart Lock: Once the user completes his ride, he can instantly lock the e-scooter, and the next user will have to unlock it from the app before starting the ride.
  • Multi-lingual functionality: To offer a convenient and hassle-free platform to diverse people, the app supports a comprehensive set of languages.

Marking a difference.

Our efforts and expertise really paid off once the client shared his words of appreciation with us. “We couldn’t have expected more than what Seasia has offered up. The app really works as we were expecting and the functionalities are just awesome. We have started experiencing more customer’s interest in our app, and for now, we have generated nearly $2 per ride, and it’s a good thing for now. As e-scooters are experiencing a warm welcome from major countries like US, UK, Spain, Germany, etc, so one thing is for sure, we won’t regret investing in such an app. It really has a long way to go.”