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Benefits of Managed Colocation

Benefits of Managed Colocation

Wednesday October 10, 2018,

4 min Read

Organizations these days do not believe in investing heavily in building a data center facility mainly because of the costs associated with purchasing expensive IT infrastructure assets. Building a data center is not an easy task and it costs organizations a fortune to have all the aspects of a data center in place like storage, power, cooling, facility space, security and minor assets which can be a heavy investment on their pocket. It’s like owning an apartment and being responsible for cleaning, maintenance, repairs and security. Instead of having an in-house data center, they opt for colocation services which are offered by data center service providers.

It is difficult for organizations to have in-house servers mainly because of the power they consume, expertise they need and special cooling which needs to be in place to ensure optimum environment. As maintaining and managing servers is not any non-IT company’s strongest suit, they go for colocation. Colocation is the best option which is offered by data center service providers where an organization can house their IT assets in the service provider’s data center facility where power, cooling, backups and basic services will be provided by the data center company. 24/7 monitoring is offered by security experts who are there to provide any emergency assistance. Another part of the colocation service is the managed colocation service where the service provider offers continuous 24/7 monitoring, power and all the related services so that the organization need not worry about taking care of their IT equipment.

There are certain benefits which an organization receives if they choose to opt for managed colocation service. Below are some of the benefits mentioned regarding managed colocation.

1.     Flexibility

This service provides tailored IT infrastructure to organizations which are designed according to their business requirements. Customers can customize their IT assets through various configurations which can match their day-to-day demands and is a suitable choice for their business.

2.      Backups

In a managed colocation service, the data center service provider will take care of customer’s important data by maintaining multiple backs. The service provider regularly takes data backups in order to keep the data safe in any event which might result in the loss of data. There are multiple locations where this data has been backed up and so the customers do not need to worry about losing their business critical data even in an event of a disaster.

3.     Cost-effective

As previously discussed, there isn’t a massive investment while opting for managed colocation service due to the fact that the service provider will provide location, power, cooling, storage and many other facilities depending on the colocation plan a customer chooses for his organization. If a customer tries to set-up his IT infrastructure on-site, then he will need to be technically sound to handle all types of road blocks along with having all the other facilities in place which are needed to successfully run a data center. Opting for managed colocation service saves huge costs for organizations.

4.     Security

One of the main reasons a customer prefers managed colocation over in-house hosting is the levels of security available in managed colocation service. Physical security is the most important aspect among other levels because of the security guards present in the facility. Other levels might include cameras, closed cabinets, biometric or fingerprint authentication, etc.

5.     Top-most quality services are provided under great prices by managed colocation service as compared to colocation hosting or in-house facility.

6.     If an organization demands increases due to their business requirement, then they have an option to not only rent one server but rent as many as servers they need along with an IT team to care of their assets and provide different services.


Managed colocation is the best option in the market because it takes care of various factors in its environment. Big or small, an organization can be of any size in order to reap the benefits of the colocation service.