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What are The Benefits and Techniques of Marketing Automation?

What are The Benefits and Techniques of Marketing Automation?

Wednesday March 25, 2020,

4 min Read

Every business needs a marketing automation system for generating more leads. Nowadays, no business can increase sales or generate leads by implementing work manually and here comes the need for automation. It not only saves time but also helps to get an effective result for the business.

There are several benefits of marketing automation. Some are given below:

Generate leads

Marketing automation helps to increase quality leads to a website. A website can get more potential customers along with increase sales with the help of this. A lead means when a customer wants to purchase any products or opt for any services from that website. The marketing automation system helps to track all those activities or records.

Effective of sale

Marketing automation also helps to increase the effectiveness of a website and the productivity of the business by increasing its sales. Marketing and sales both are equally important for any business as the ROI of a business depends on it and dependent on each other. Marketing automation also helps to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.


With the help of automation, a business can generate leads by sending informative content such as a whitepaper, eBook or other that encourages targeted customers and helps to increase sales. An automatic email can be sent to the targeted customer with the help of these techniques. An automatic email that offers something, give information about new products or services, is generated through this software.

Real-time information

Marketing automation also helps to get all the present information and helps to set goals accordingly to increase sales of a website. With the help of website analytics, a business can nurture their leads. Small business marketing automation proves its effectiveness by giving proper information in real-time. A business can’t get leads or generate traffic with proper implementation.

Some marketing automation techniques are given below:

Split testing

One of the most effective techniques of it is split testing. With the help of split testing, two versions of a site can be compared and one can find out which one works the best to maximize profit. Split testing helps a business to increase its sales.

Generate lead

Marketing automation proved its effectiveness in eCommerce sites. In the eCommerce site sometimes, the visitor leaves the shopping cart without making any decision for purchase or without placing an order and then marketing automation helps to bring back those visitors and thus convert them into the lead. Marketing automation helps a business to increase its potential customer.

Drip campaign

It also helps to funnel the visitors of the site and helps a business to work accordingly. By this process, a business can convert the visitor of their website into leads. Marketing automation works better with the help of a drip campaign. When a lead takes any action on the site like subscription, sign up then it gets a welcoming message from the site and thus marketing automation works to convert leads into a customer. A business can increase click-through rates by this process.


Marketing automation helps to segment the leads. Customer segmentation helps to analyze the leads. With the help of marketing automation, different segmentation can be created for leads. When segmentation is created manually it takes more time but marketing automation has saved the time.

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, a good build website can work well with marketing automation. The marketing automation system helps to gather all the relevant information of the present, past and future of the site. This helps the business to get proper information for the site and remove the irrelevant information for the site that helps to get more ROI.

The marketing automation system helps to integrate two systems that may be a direct or third party. By connecting two separate systems it generates more information about an organization. This process works especially in the eCommerce site. It also helps to manage customer relationships. With the help of marketing automation, a business can track all the information about customer interaction on the social media platform. This is one of the best advantages of the eCommerce site.