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Best AngularJs development Tools for developers

Best AngularJs development Tools for developers

Wednesday November 28, 2018,

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In Web and Mobile application development, to develop a dynamic web page – AngularJS is one of the most preferred frameworks of developers. It is obvious that developing coding with a discalced is the dreariest task. Thus, AngularJS development is facilitated with the numerous tools to develop a website in a proper manner.

At Concetto Labs, we did research on various tools of AngularJs. Here, we have listed out all those amazing tools which are used for testing, front-end development, IDE editor, extension, code generation, text editor and much more.

List of best AngularJS development tools:

  1. Karma – Karma is one of the favorite Test Runner for JavaScript. To test your application and website on different devices, Karma provides the perfect test environment. It simply makes testing easier for developers.
  2. Protractor – It is an end to end test framework for both Angular and AngularJS apps. It is built on WebDriverJS that uses native events to interact with your application as a user would.
  3. Jasmine – This testing framework does not rely on browsers, JavaScript framework, and DOM. It is perfectly applicable to Node.js projects OR it is suited for those where JavaScript runs.
  4. Mocha.js – Mocha is a feature-rich framework that runs on Node.js and Browser. It is more flexible than Jasmine. However, Jasmine is an all in one solution. It does asynchronous testing and makes it flexible.
  5. Djangular – With this AngularJs tool, you can create AngularJs content for each application. It produces a reusable application which allows better app integration with AngularJS.
  6. Ment.io – It provides flexibility to programmers due to its jQuery independency. This tool supports macros and mentions widgets. We can apply it on any element and it accepts selectable text inputs.
  7. Angular Kickstart – It increases the development services and help developer during each phase of project creation.
  8. Angular Fire – By using this tool you can easily create the backend of your Angular app. It presents 3-way data binding, flexible API and rapid development potentials to ease the development.
  9. Sublime text – Many developers prefer this than other text editors. It makes coding easier than ever.
  10. Rectangular – This tool deals with GET, POST, UPDATE and DELETE request which requires a minimum amount of code.
  11. Generator Angular – To set up a project with sensible faults Generator Angular is used. It generates all the boilerplate that is needed to start work on any application project.
  12. Angular seed – It is the main part of the AngularJS application.
  13. Code Orchestra – Through Code Orchestra you can write live style code. Whatever changes you made and save, it will automatically implement in the working area.
  14. NG- Inspector – To develop, understand and debug your AngualrJs application, AngularJS supports a tool which is known as NG- Inspector. It will add inspector pane to your chrome and safari browser.
  15. Videogular – It allows you to add videos and other multimedia elements in your application.
  16. Angular GetText – It is basically a translation tool which helps to translate a language.
  17. AngularJS UI – To make your Angular Application faster, AngularJS UI provides a different type of UI components.
  18. WebStorm – It is a smart code editor that provides support for JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS etc.
  19. Angular Deckgrid – It is a lightweight grid for AngularJS where directives don’t rely on visual representation.
  20. Mean – To write a reusable code, mean tool is used. It allows writing the previously used code.

It is just a list of tools for AngularJS that will help you in your Angular development process. If you are starting with AngularJS development and want to create your application by using these tools then Hire AngularJS developer from Concetto Labs. We are one of the best AngularJS development company in India.

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