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5 Best Healthcare or Hospital Management Software in 2022

5 Best Healthcare or Hospital Management Software in 2022

Monday June 29, 2020,

5 min Read

The demand for process automation and digital record-keeping has given rise to a booming Hospital Management Software industry. According to Health IT, in the US alone, only 24% of hospitals offered an online medium for patients to view their medical histories in 2012. But as 2015 came along, nearly 95% of hospitals were deploying solutions to achieve the same level of digitization.

The Hospital ERP (or HMS) has climbed up by 38% since 2008 and shows strong signs of growing further as more and more hospitals deploy EHR systems.

The top five competitors in this evolving domain that offer the most advanced functionalities are listed below. Choose the best solution that suits all your requirements at scale.

1. SoftClinic

SoftClinic by JVS Technologies is a scalable Hospital Management Software suite that brings administrative, clinical, and financial processes under one roof. It is powered with smart data collection tools that reduce the need for age-old paper registers and make critical data available to all healthcare stakeholders.

The software is currently active in 40+ countries with a user base of more than 20,000 healthcare workers.

Benefits of SoftClinic HMS:

●   SoftClinic extensively covers the most pertinent modules such as Out-Patient Department and Accounting all in one.

●   It comes with support for specializations such as Cardiology, Gynaecology, and Ophthalmology.

●   Supports multiple users with concurrent access, allowing various stakeholders to collaborate on patient data.

Platforms Supported:

SoftClinic is available as a Windows native application as well as a web application for Clinics, Hospitals, and Physicians.

2.  Sapphire Hospital Management System

Sapphire HMS is known for its refined user experience and totality of modules for administrative and clinic tasks that hospitals require. It comes with the Saphhire integration engine which enables hospitals to connect their legacy databases with this new software solution. It offers several features such as patient data management and comes with a provision for emergencies.

Founded in 2013, Sapphire is relatively new to the market but has been expanding its user base since ever. 

Benefits of Sapphire HMS:

●   Smooth and intuitive User Interface that makes the software user-friendly.

●   Ability to connect with old and disparate systems that a hospital may be using.

●   Can be deployed by clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and emergency wards.

Platforms Supported:

Sapphire is deployed as a fully web-based application that offers easy availability and multi-device access.

3.  MocDoc

MocDoc is one of the most comprehensive software solutions for assimilating patient data and report generation. It features a number of modules for patient communication and visual sheets that help doctors, and healthcare professionals to make accurate reports. Other clerical tasks such as prescription generation and OP billing can also be carried out using MocDoc.

The software is designed for small clinics and hospitals, with economical pricing but solid features.

Benefits of MocDoc HMS:

●   Supports clinics that have multiple branches.

●   The visual style of entering and retrieving data makes it easy for doctors to use the software.

●   Offers several modules for customer communication such as dashboard, billing, and email/SMS.

Platforms Supported:

MocDoc can either be used as a web application or a mobile application on Android and iOS devices. 

4.  MedStar HIS

MedStar is another Hospital Management System that offers an exhaustive list of features covering everything from EMR module to Hospital resource management and HR. It comes with HIPAA compliance and can be readily connected with any hospital’s legacy systems. The solution uses process automation to help hospitals achieve greater operational efficiency.

Medstar was launched in 2010 as a HIS and has started offering several new modules since then.

Benefits of Medstar HMS:

●   It offers a large variety of tools for Hospital management that are centrally controlled.

●   Introduces process automation for several manual tasks, improving management capabilities at the hospital.

●   Equipped with digital tools for patient data management.

Platforms Supported:

MedStar is available on major platforms. It can be used as a Web Application or Desktop Application on Mac OS and Windows. Users can also use the Android and iOS mobile applications. 

5.  Osplabs

OSP Labs offers a number of healthcare solutions, Clinic Management System is one of them. It’s a fully developed product with comes with a wide variety of modules for managing core activities of a hospital or a clinic. It has its own API, which allows data portability. Ths software can be molded to specific needs faced by a hospital making it highly effective.

OSP Labs HMS was founded in 2009 and has achieved a presence in 700+ projects across the world. 

Benefits of OSP Labs HMS:

●   The software offers customizability for developing specific use-case applications for hospitals.

●   It offers API support for connecting and sharing data across platforms.

●   Backed by a strong Information Security infrastructure for data protection.

Platforms Supported:

OSP Labs HMS is available in the form of a web application that can be deployed as per needs and offers customizations.


As HMS applications continue to get smarter, Hospitals will be able to operate at maximum efficiencies, ultimately leading to better healthcare for the patients. The top 5 Hospital Management Software mentioned in this article catch the gist of advancement in the Healthcare IT domain. They offer digital transformation for medical institutions that wish to walk toe to toe with modern technology.