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Best Practices for Creating a Custom Magento Theme Design in 2020

Best Practices for Creating a Custom Magento Theme Design in 2020

Friday May 01, 2020,

7 min Read

Best Practices for Creating a custom Magento Theme Design in 2020


Every design process requires the best practices for creating an eye-catching Magento theme design. When it comes to talking about requirements for designing a custom Magento theme, we have come with the best practices, tips, and step by step guides that will let you understand how to design a Magento theme in the most successful way.

Here, we will also discuss the difference between ready-made theme design and custom theme design and the best approach for Magento theme design and development process. 

In this article, we won't cover development processes but we guide on how to create a Magento theme design effectively. We will cover all the best tips and practices and all other important factors for designing a custom Magento theme from scratch in the most effective way.

Though it is not that easy to create a custom Magento theme design from scratch, it requires the best practices and various prerequisites that help you in designing the Magento theme easily and effectively. 

Considering the best practices when creating a Magento theme design plays the most significant role to avoid the following mistakes:

You won't be able to create an amazing and sophisticated Magento theme design in a given time period. Or it will be complicated to implement on the theme design as per the commitments if you don't give the importance to the best practices during the development process. It may take more time for the developers when designing a theme that may impact on the project in terms of time, cost, and quality. 

On the other hand, you’ll make something aesthetically startling that would be difficult to use for the people. It is really very important to follow the best practices before you start creating a custom theme design. Let's know what are the best practices for creating a custom Magento theme design for the year 2020.  

Tips for creating a custom Magento theme design:

1) Knowing the Medium

Being a good designer, it is very important to take the benefits of knowing the medium on which they are working. Knowing the medium means gaining in-depth knowledge and deep understandings of HTML5 and CSS in order to create an effective theme design. 

It helps in creating a theme design in the best possible way so it could be easier for the developers to understand the limitations and probabilities. This way, you can effectively maintain the right balance between the design and development team to produce a high-coding quality and responsive design Magento theme like never before.  

2) Understand the Platform

Knowing the platform is another important factor that helps you drive to create a unique and beautiful theme design relevant to the platform you are working for! Every platform has its own designing process and techniques to make your theme look even more stylish and elegant. So, in order to create an effective theme design, it is necessary to get familiar with the platform you are working on.

Knowing the platform doesn't mean to get in-depth knowledge about the platform you are working on, it simply means to learn about the capabilities, awesome new features, benefits, and the limitations so you avoid any types of complications during the development process of custom Magento theme design. This way, you can get a flawless development process and avoid any types of issues while creating a theme design under the same roof.

3) Know the Specific Needs and the Theme Goals

It is one of the most important factors that help you in creating an impressive theme design that truly suits your customer's needs and expectations in the competitive market. It becomes easier to create the best Magento theme design by considering the specific needs of customers and the project goals.

with a proper understanding of the prerequisites and theme goal, you can create a unique, responsive, and extremely fast loading Magento 2 fashion theme design that customers can earn from it. By understanding the project goal, you can create a demanding theme that customers love to install for their online eCommerce Magento store.

Ready-Made Theme vs Custom Theme Design

When it comes to talking about the ready-made theme, they are designed for fulfilling the major needs and requirements of the various projects as they are made in huge quantities. While custom theme design is specially designed for specific needs and project goals which are the main difference between ready-made theme and custom theme design. 

The ready-made theme won't work for you if you are looking to fulfill your specific needs and requirements of your project. You must require a custom Magento theme design in order to achieve the desired results that address your business needs and theme goal effectively.

Many of us must be thinking of purchasing a ready-made theme instead of creating a custom theme for their business. In fact, there are thousands of people who used to purchase the ready-made theme, they often get disappointed when they see the result is not meeting their needs and projects goal and slowing down their website speed after installing the theme into their Magento eCommerce store.

It's true that installing a ready-made theme into your website can significantly reduce the performance, scalability, capabilities, and other important features of your website. The simple reason is that the ready-made theme is not designed to fit on the specific needs of your business but they are made to fit with the thousands of features to cover various types of projects. 

So what happens when you purchase the ready-made theme for your business, you not only waste your money but also waste your time and effort while facing a number of problems after the installation process which directly impact on your business. There are few businesses that hardly get satisfied with the ready-made theme that matches their business needs. 

So, it is better to create a custom theme design from the leading Magento themes and extensions development company that can create an effective theme design based on your custom requirements.

Magento decoupled

Magento is the most popular and powerful open-source platform used by more than 2,00,000 online retailers across the world. Magento offers tons of awesome features and functionality for its worldwide users to run their online eCommerce store effectively. If you are looking to boost your business sales and higher the revenue while running your business on the Magento platform, you need to have the best Magento theme design in order to make your online eCommerce store even more stylish and powerful according to your business needs and customers’ expectations.

On the other hand, it is quite complex to understand from the designer's point of view because it can be scattered into numerous pages like home page, category page, product page, and other CMS pages. It requires different designing strategies as compared to others. There are various important factors like consistent element styling,   

key components, and predefined typography that make it complex to understand for the designers to create an eye-catching and responsive theme design that customers love to buy for their online eCommerce store. 

Consistency and the best practices are the most important factors that should be kept in mind while working with such complex platforms so you get the desired result in the best possible way. You can't simply create some different pages using irrelevant elements and different styling instead of using predefined typography, reusable components, and consistent element styling in order to create an effective custom theme design according to your business needs and customers’ expectations.

Final Thoughts

Thus, you can significantly create an impressive and eye-catching custom theme design by following the above best practices for your online eCommerce store. It is very important to keep in mind all the above important key factors and consideration of designing elements before you start developing a custom Magento theme.

There are many other ways but we assure you that you will definitely be able to create an impressive Magento theme design by considering the above best practices for your eCommerce business in 2020.