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Best Practices to Bolster your Ecommerce Business through Email Marketing

Best Practices to Bolster your Ecommerce Business through Email Marketing

Thursday March 28, 2019,

6 min Read

Generating traffic to your website is a great challenge faced by e-commerce entrepreneur. Although there is some effective and standard formula for ecommerce enhancement, you need to follow some strategies that you can easily incorporate to improvise the potential of every traffic to your website. Email Marketing gradually helps entrepreneurs to create a strong relationship with the audience. Starting from valuable content to guiding customers through the checkout process, Email Marketing in Dubai helps in generating traffic as well as an increase in revenue.

While Social Media and messaging platforms get the upper hand for online customer management, marketing through email becomes the leader. Latest statistics reveal that the return of investment of email marketing is around 3,800% for both small as well as medium scaled businesses. Therefore, this guide will consist of insights, tips, tricks, about Email Marketing that will give you a deep insight into Email Marketing Strategy.

Handy Tips to Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign

Here are some of the tips to improve your Email Marketing Services. Majority of the lists need integration between shopping carts, email list, automation as well as list segmentation.

Incentivize Customers to Review The Products

There are numerous case studies which showcase the positive impact of product reviews. The numbers speak for themselves. Collecting review is a smarter way to enhance your marketing campaign. One of the effective and smart strategies to enrich their thought is to provide stiff competition in the market on the basis of incentives through email. This strategy will be fruitful when you create an automated personalized email that will reach out to the customers for a few days after getting the products. You need to experiment with the email timing and also the prize to obtain the optimum amount of product reviews.

2. Use A/B Testing for Optimizing Open and Click Through rates

Always keep in mind that you are testing a single, segregated variable at a time. It will yield real insights that you can use in the future. In the real scenario, you will perform A/B test each and every email you sent. Although, this can be time taking. Hence you need to determine which emails will create an impact on the bottom line if they are having greater engagement rate.

3. Launching Abandonment Emails to Find Out Bugs and Optimize Checkout Conversion

Optimizing Cart, as well as  Checkout Abandonment, is the domain where you need to concentrate on the purpose of conversion rate optimization. When someone is adding a particular item in a cart, they are an extremely qualified potential audience. So how will you use Email Marketing in Dubai to demean the Cart Abandonment?

If you use particular software to enable automation, you can easily create a rule that identifies whether a visitor is visiting the cart page and not the confirmation page. When all these criteria met, an email can easily be sent to know the purpose of not completing the transactions.

4. Value your Loyal Customers

For most of the ecommerce websites, the relationship that exists is basically 80/20. This is because a greater proportion of revenue is driven by a handful of trustworthy customers. By categorizing the customers into several categories on the basis of engagement and loyalty, you can send them gift card incentives which will be a boon to your business and also you will earn customers' trust.

5. Reactivating your Torpid Customers

The results obtained from the semi-lethargic portion of the customers are more attractive than the faithful customers. The first step is to isolate your customers by loyalty. Then, target them with campaigns that should be relevant. Sometimes it becomes very profitable if you concentrate on reactivating dormant customers than paying attention to credible and loyal ones. If you want to take this to the next level, you need to automate the entire methodology with the help of event-based triggers.

6. Always Prepare With Product Seasonality and Retail Holidays using Newsletter Calendar

Taking into account how creative and commercial potentiality there in several events like Halloween Campaign, it is imperative to have a system that makes sure that you are well ahead of the competition. One of the effective ways to make sure that you are not in a hurry to send a campaign out is to build a 12-month Newsletter Calendar covering both retail holidays as well as events pertaining to business seasonality. Although there are many Email Marketing available in the market equipped with the calendar feature, people opt for free tools.

7. Choose Right Email Platform

The penultimate step before choosing Email Marketing Services is to gather contacts and sending emails. As there are many Email Marketing Services available, you need to understand which one is the best for your business objectives and can be easily incorporated with your website. Let's have a look at some of the best tools

  • Klaviyo
  • Emma
  • Kevy
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Soundest
  • Smartrmail
  • Campaign Monitor

How To Grow Your Email List?

This is your creativity and uniqueness come into the picture. In order to increase your future recipients, you should make it easy as well as exciting for any novice who wants to sign up. Alluring offers need to be compact and clear with the simple opt-in form. You should strategically pace the opt-in forms to your website in order to dive the opt-ins. Opt-in forms have now become mainstream which you see in almost every site. Popular Email Marketing software solutions come up with portable opt-in form generators that will give you a series of code which you can easily paste into several areas in your website. Ensure that they are not visible at every corner starting from header to footer.  

Enroute The World Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a sturdy channel for all the ecommerce business. While most of the channels such as SEO and SMO are unstable and subject to immediate modification. The Email List you create over the passage of time is the pillar of your business that will encourage both old and new visitors to buy the products in your department. There are no specific limits on what extent you should segregate the customers, target several channels, and build your communication to convey directly to the customers. Henceforth, the practice of enhancing sales through Email Marketing should not be taken for granted. This story will give you thorough know-how about Email Marketing and what all steps you need to take to your business to the next level. Without further delay, begin with the collection of visitors email today, determine segmentation chances and add value to your business.