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Best Ways To Use Video Marketing To Increase eCommerce Sales

Your customers have innumerable options to buy from, but why they should choose you?

Best Ways To Use Video Marketing To Increase eCommerce Sales

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Using appealing product images, written descriptions, and a review list can go futile; because they are not as effective as a video, which is more interactive than the three mentioned.

Using video can compel your probable customers to give you whole attention. You can tell your customers how your product works, and how it can benefit them with an interesting video.

Although it seems a handsome investment, it brings about a huge satisfactory profit. It is estimated that videos will contribute to 80% of all internet traffic, which must be taken into account.

Now, the question arises why to use video marketing for your eCommerce business to increase your product sales and awareness. Pay heed to the statistics given below:

Why to pick video marketing for your eCommerce sales?

According to Marketing blog Hubspot, 78% of people watch online videos weekly and 55% daily.

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It’s worth knowing that Youtube has turned out to be the second most trafficked website on the web right after Google. It’s the most reliable and considerable point to know the video popularity and demand.

Videos play a vital role in structuring the way of customer’s interaction with the content, information gaining, buying decision making, and sharing content all over the web.

It attracts the eyeballs necessary to see your products and eCommerce brand much more interactively and conveniently.

Except for receiving immense traffic, it can change your viewers into customers; because landing pages having video content have been found to increase 80% conversions.

Even mentioning ‘video’ in the subject line is proven to have a 19% higher open rate for email campaigns.

All mentioned above must be sufficient to know the power of videos to have a boost in the eCommerce sales and product awareness.

Benefits of video marketing for an eCommerce:

Using video marketing, you can tell your potential customers about your products keeping them engaged by giving life to your products.

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With a still photo and short description, you can tell what your product is used for, while by means of a video, you will be able to show all the features and benefits more interestingly.

How your customers will feel and benefit by using your product can be shown on account of a video. Additionally, humour, an interesting story, and almost real-world experience can be included in a video.

The following are the best ways to use video marketing to increase your eCommerce sales:

1) Tell how to use your products

A helpful video showing your potential customers how to use your products properly will give them an idea of using it in a safe, convenient, and hassle-free way.

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Having found your video helpful, they will find it necessary to share it with other same-category potential customers, which will make your product talk of the town with a flood of viewers.

The more viewers you have, the more chances you have of converting your viewers into customers. Additionally, you will know about their requirements by means of video reviews by asking them to do so.

The best way to show the efficiency of your product is to show its features and functionality if it’s about an electronic product like mobile, laptop, geyser, grinding machine, and the like.

Having someone in the video using such things by telling about each feature and functionality will arouse interest in your viewers and increase their interaction with the video.

The better interaction means the more interest, and the more interest means the more desire to buy and use it.

You must hire eCommerce Developers who can make your website much more appealing to sustain users’ interest.

2) Reviews of satisfied customers

When satisfied customers share their own experience in a video, it automatically becomes a reliable source.

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By finding such satisfied customers with their own same needs and budget, customers find a dream-come-true experience in video.

And, to change their dreams into reality, they have to buy your product, which will increase its sales.

You should also stay in touch with custom eCommerce application development experts for their useful guidance for further strategies and tactics to achieve better customer reviews.

3)Share a problem story and its solution

When finding an annoyed character at a video beginning, your potential customers are filled with sympathy and better interaction with the character.

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And, at the end, finding the character with 100% satisfaction and a positive change in their life, your probable customers are filled with almost the same satisfaction and the soothing effect of your product.

Having this, your would-be customers become your real customers, you find your product stock being devoid of stored products earlier than expected.

4) Discussion over your business ethics and journey

Using videos to let your customers know your whole business journey will allow them to asses you very well.

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The troubles you had, the prototypes you created, the updates you did, maintaining the product efficiency and quality and the like will automatically create respect and interest for you in them.

Having so, your potential customers will watch your product video with a different point of view of and share it when finding necessary to inspire others.

5) Show how your product works

When your product is being shown in a video to perform the task it is expected to, your potential customers can experience its working as if all was real.

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How to start, how to use, and how to keep it after use, if shown in a video, can be easily understandable even for a naive potential customer.

Moreover, showing the expected results will also lay positive implications upon your targeted viewers about the product efficiency.

6) Comparison of your products to other same purpose products

A video is an ideal way to show your probable customers why they should pick your product over others.

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Benefits of less price, warranty, guarantee, special offer, durability, enticing design, and the like can be very well shown by keeping other same purpose products along with your product in that video.

Moreover, picking weak points of your competitors’ products and mentioning them in the video will increase the quality credibility of your product.

7) Move for a better life with your product

A video showing how your targeted viewers can make their life much better by adopting your product in their lives can also contribute to higher sales, in turn, skyrocketing your earnings.

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By using your product how they can save time, energy, and so forth will create a picture of a better life in their mind. And, in quest of a better life, they will bank on your product.

The video showing how can the saved time and energy be used somewhere else, which will be more fruitful and pushing your customers to a better life will take your potential customers straight to you.


As an eCommerce business owner, you need to use video marketing to increase eCommerce sales and can also hire reliable and trustworthy eCommerce developers & programmers for creating amazing eCommerce site for your business.

You can relate to your potential customers better than text and still image content by using video content due to its more engaging, interactive, and real-life experience character.

Showing your competitors along with your product by comparing each other, you can let everybody know the less price, better quality, warranty, guarantee, durability benefits.

Sharing your journey via videos will stimulate the viewer's’ interest in your product and compel them to share such videos with other probable customers, which will add more to the product promotion.

You can use eCommerce development services in India or hire eCommerce developers to take your business to its peak.