Must have apps to maintain a fast-paced lifestyle in your city

The apps have become a lifestyle quotient among the youth and mobile, the dependence on these apps have grown so much that everyone has to have them in their handsets to stay connected at any given point of time

Tuesday April 11, 2017,

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Basically, if a person is travelling to Delhi/NCR so he/she can easily install these application in their respective mobile handsets and can comfortably travel, do shopping and dine around anywhere in the city. Earlier, people used to do a lot of hard work if they are travelling to a new city, but now as mobile phones came into the picture the connectivity options have increased by manifolds. People can now actually plan their trip well in advance instead of standing in queues and marred with uncertainty. The quality quotient of any travel or experience is now under one’s control depending on their budget, the word of mouth factor has taken over by smart searches and to make it more refined, dedicated apps or platforms have come into existence to resolve all the queries well in advance to create a unique experience. Mentioned below are few of the pointers which help travelers to maximize their experience.

Internet/Connectivity Facilities: If you need a mobile SIM or any telecom product from your choice of telecom operator in the shortest possible time and you want them within a short period of time even without venturing outside then 10digi is a must have app for your mobile. The app not only delivers these telecom products to your doorsteps (hotel/home/pg/ office) but also gets the services activated within minutes as compared to 48hrs timeline committed by local retailers.

Shopping App: If you need any discount, offer, or any information related to your closest mall for shopping or a fun filled evening, then the Freedom.Desi app must be in your phone. Through this app not only you will you know the offers before entering the mall, but through this you will know the availability of parking, services, events in the mall. In the case of offers, these apps will also deliver the best offers to you and will give a 3d guided walkthrough of these malls.

Hotel App: If you have to get the services of comfortable hotel rooms at a low cost, where you have the full value of your money, then the Oyo rooms app must be installed in your phone.The app will help you book rooms well in advance and within your budget.

Cab Facility: If you have to move from one place to another, you can find all the facilities and secure taxi in the shortest possible time through Ola or Uber App. A tracking based cab facility which is very useful for commuters who would like to travel in a comfortable and secure way.

Restaurant Facility: If you want to order delicious and affordable food from your nearest restaurant, sitting in the house, then in a very short time, you must be sure to have a Zomato or Food Panda app in your phone

Metro Facility: If you want to travel anywhere in Delhi NCR, then the Delhi Metro app can help you at cheap prices.

Payment App: If one now needs to pay anyone across the city or country apps like Freecharge/Paytm are a must to have money securely placed in the digital form.

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