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Where to invest- FD? RD? Stocks? Decide here!

You can make better investments, this way- by knowing the right time, right amount and right investment amount! If you aren’t an experienced player, you better rope in an expert and the game will be easier. All the best!

Where to invest- FD? RD? Stocks? Decide here!

Monday October 16, 2017,

3 min Read

Can’t decide on where to invest? Well, this is not a problem only you are facing! Investments are not as easy as they look. From a variety of investment instruments available such as stocks, shares, fixed deposits, RDs, monthly income scheme and more; it’s always tricky to decide the right one you should invest your savings in! Deciding this is again, not enough though! How much amount? For how much period?

Following are a few tips that may come to your help while investing the right amount in the right scheme for right time. Have a look:

Something that is known to you

When you have that extra money in your bank account, you think about investing it in the stock market. Yes, everyone wants to try their luck in stock market but this is not the game everyone knows how to play. Stock market is the riskiest instrument as you don’t know which stock will go up and when? So better to invest your savings in the known instruments such as fixed deposits, recurring deposits, pigmy deposits, monthly income plan, etc.

Investing the right amount

People usually don’t get involved in the entire stage-to-stage process of any investment plan and hence, end up with investing a bigger amount than what is required. This is an inappropriate way because you could block that extra amount somewhere else and earn higher returns. Moreover, you must know your money flow pattern- the earning and spending pattern. However good the plan is, why invest more fund anyway? Your saving is earned by you only, isn’t it?

Consider fixed deposit over stocks

Like said before, stocks are one of the riskiest options for investment. You never know when stocks will make you sink in the debt! On the other side, a fixed deposit is one of the safest options available for investment. Depending upon the tenure of your investment, you are paid the interest. And undoubtedly, you are going to earn a good return on your deposited value.

Investing in Gold? Think twice!

Gold is a metal too precious and holds a great value. You can’t be certain about gold investment as its rates keep changing depending upon the global rates. Hence, you need to observe the price pattern of gold i.e. what all parameters affect its prices. Like stocks, you constantly need to keep an eye on the gold rates and when you think it’s a right time, go invest!

An expert opinion

If you are an amateur player of the investment game, you better keep a person aside who understands these things very well. Consult an investment expert and take his/her opinion in where to invest. He/ She would guide you whether you should invest in stocks, fixed deposits, RDs, gold or any other instrument?

Feeling relaxed? Great, that’s important for making a right investment!

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