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What is URN number? How to check URN status?

What is URN number? How to check URN status?

Monday June 08, 2020,

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We know how rapidly India is advancing towards becoming 100% digital. With this motive, our government has come up with a digital Aadhaar Card, which is very ingenious on their part and quite impressive. Aadhaar card is one of the most important identity documents that one can have. It contains all the necessary details required to uniquely identify a person, including his/her address. Since it is an electronic Aadhaar card, it can be easily used for various government verification which are now being done online most of the time.

What is an Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar Card is a distinctive 12 digit identification number that is provided to all the citizens of India. It contains all the important information like Aadhaar number, photograph, demographic details, biometric data, as well as some general information like your name, sex, age, address etc. All this information is very crucial for all kinds of testament purposes. Even children and infants require an Aadhaar Card since it is an evidence that can prove an individual's nationality. It is entirely cost-free and supplied by the Unique Identification Authority of India, commonly known as UIDAI. Without a valid Aadhaar Card, you will have to face a lot of restrictions in carrying out various activities. Therefore, it is always advised to maintain an Aadhaar Card since it remains potent for a full lifetime.

What is Update Request Number, commonly referred to as URN?

Sometimes you might encounter certain problems with your Aadhaar card like missing information, incorrect information, wrong spelling of your name or any other issue, where you have to make corrections. In such scenarios, all you have to do is to request the authority to make necessary changes and update your Aadhaar Card. This request has a Update Request Number, popularly known as URN number. This URN number is automatically generated by the system when you place a request for correction. Well, you can do that offline as well as online. Since URN number provides a convenient way of checking the status of your correction process, you cannot afford to lose it at any cost. Otherwise, you won't be able to keep track of your Aadhaar update status or URN status. Hence, do not misplace it ever.

Steps to Check Your Aadhaar URN Status Online:

With the introduction of e-Aadhaar card, checking the status of Aadhaar card URN status has become extremely easy. The Self Service Update Portal, commonly known as SSUP portal, has made it even easier as you can avail the SSUP portal at any time of the day and at whichever place your convenience lies. You can also opt for offline checking if you do not have a computer or laptop or have a poor internet connection. All have to do is, visit a nearby Aadhaar enrollment centre. You will get all the information you are looking for at the centre.

By following the steps mentioned below, you can check the status of your Aadhaar card URN easily:

 The very first thing that you need to do is to log onto the official website of the UIDAI. There, in the self-service portal, you need to choose "My Aadhaar" option. After that, you'll see "Get Aadhaar" option. You need to select that. Then, you need to click on "Check Aadhaar Status" and enter the URN number provided to you. The link of the website is- https://uidai.gov.in/. An image is provided for reference.

what is URN Number

(2) After that, you need to enter your Aadhaar card as well as URN number at the required places. Refer to the above image for better understanding.

(3) Always re-check the number that you have entered before proceeding further. If you enter incorrect number, you will not be able to check anything.

(4) Having done all of these successfully, you'll receive a captcha code that you need to enter and then your verification process will be completed.

(5) After that, you'll be just one click away from checking your Aadhaar card and URN status. You'll see a "Check Status" button. Just click on that, and your job is done.

Sometimes, you might face a situation where your request gets rejected by the UIDAI, due to some valid reasons. In such a case, you need to apply again. So, let's check out a few reasons for rejection:

- Incorrect details provided: You might have overlooked or forgotten to give some important information or maybe, the date that you provided was not accurate.

- Photograph not clear: This is a very common issue faced by people all over. Most of the times, the photograph taken at the enrolment centre is so hazy that it cannot be recognized at all. Hence, it is prone to rejection.

- Black and White photograph: Black and white photos are not acceptable. You need a coloured photo that is properly scanned.

- Missing documents: This is very common. People fail to provide adequate documents which are consequently not enough. Therefore, their request gets rejected.

- Bio metric information not given: Bio metric information like face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprints, etc. are highly important. Some people fail to provide these, resulting in rejection.

- Self-attestation not provided: You need to have all your documents self-attested. If not, then your documents are bound to be rejected.

- Typing error while updating or correcting application form: This is very much possible. After all, we are all human beings. You might be having typographical errors in your application form because of which it is getting rejected all the time.

- Fail to provide important information: While filling your application form, you might have missed out on something really important because of which your request is getting canceled. Hence, you need to be very alert while filling your application form.

- Already enrolled: This can also be one of the reasons for your application getting rejected. People who have already enrolled themselves for the Aadhaar Card also have to face rejection.

It is quite evident that there are a number of reasons for the rejection of your application. But do not worry. You can always re-apply. Just make sure that you are filling in proper and correct details this time.

How can you update your Aadhaar Card?

As mentioned earlier, the Aadhaar card is a very important piece of document for every Indian. Therefore, it is really necessary to keep it updated to avoid any kind of problem. A small error in the Aadhaar card can lead to its invalidation. Hence, do not take any mistake lightly. Any kind of error is equally critical and requires immediate correction. There are ways to correct the mistakes. You can go for the offline method or the online method as per your convenience.

Offline method: If you want to correct the errors offline, you need to do that through Post. You have to visit the nearest Aadhaar centre where they'll provide you with an Aadhaar correction or update form. Make sure to fill all the details correctly, without any failure. Once you are done with that, you need to send it to the concerned authority via Post. Also, do not forget to attach the self-attested photocopies of the necessary documents. You'll easily find the address of the particular authority on the internet.

Online method: To get your Aadhaar card corrected or updated online, you need to visit the official website of UIDAI. It is necessary to have your phone number registered with your Aadhaar Card if you want to proceed with the online method. If by chance your phone number is not registered, you have to inform about the same at your nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. If someone does not have a laptop or computer to work on, or the internet connection is not available, then also you need to visit the nearby enrolment centre to get the required changes done. There, you'll be provided with the URN number though which you can check the status of your Aadhaar URN online.

Having discussed so many things about the Aadhaar card and URN number, it is quite evident that it's the most important document which is not only used by the government, but by various private companies as well to validate your details. Hence, having an updated Aadhaar Card is a must for every individual.

Some frequently asked questions:

- How can I update my Bio metrics information in Aadhaar Card?

You simply have to visit your nearby Permanent Enrolment Centre. They will update all kinds of bio metrics.

- What is the cost of "Order Aadhaar Reprint"?

It costs Rs. 50 to reprint your Aadhaar card that is inclusive of GST and post charges.

-How much time is taken to update or correct the Aadhaar Card?

Once you have requested for validation or correction of your Aadhaar card, you need to wait for about 3 months to get it done.

- How can I update my mobile number?

You need to go to the Permanent Enrolment Centre for updating your mobile number.