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Biggest Failures in the App Industry

Biggest Failures in the App Industry

Thursday January 31, 2019,

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Biggest failure in App Industry

Are you wondering why mobile apps fail? When it comes to mobile app development, there is no shot formula. The success of apps depends on the type of business. Besides this, there also exists certain key performance indicator that remains constant, no matter what kind of app you have. These are –

a)        Number of downloads

b)       Quantitative metrics

c)        In-app purchases

d)       Paid downloads

e)        User statistics

Top reasons why mobile app fail –

Poorly Researched Market & Audience

If you have a great idea in mind then it does not mean that you have a perfect product. You should deep analysis for the type of app that you want to develop. Is your app able to solve a certain problem? In fact, you need to deep research about the market and define your target audience. After that, hire a top-rated Android app development company that can convert your ideas into reality.

Lack of Originality

In the present era, app stores are oversaturated with the same apps. In order to reveal competition’s strength and weakness, you have to deep analysis a lot. Pay some attention to the unique value proposition as it is important to optimize user loyalty and business success.

Ignoring Platforms

Android and iOS have intuitive interface guidelines as they are operated in different ways. Generally, a user gets frustrated when apps do not perform well across the scope of devices, operating systems, and networks. At the time of Android app development, it is important to consider platform differences.

Poor User Experience

If a user is unable to perform basic functions then definitely your app can’t make a huge difference in the present era of technology. Poor experience generally includes app performance issues, long registration process, and long load times. So, pay attention to platform platform-specific UI/UX best practices.

Closing Thoughts

App‘s performance depends on numerous factors so you have to consider all of them so that your application can beat the competition. Are you looking for leading app developers? Get in touch with Fluper where outstanding applications are delivered to clients with the purpose of making customer delightful by considering their needs.