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21 Essential Free Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2020

These are 21 Best and Essential Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs to organize and systemize their tasks which will save their time and eventually boost up their ROI. So let's check out the list and analyze the best one as per your requirement.

21 Essential Free Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2020

Wednesday June 12, 2019,

12 min Read

Being an Entrepreneur, requires a foothold in every aspect of the working domain. It is essential for an entrepreneur to get hold of these business intelligence tools that will help them in aligning their day to day requirements in organizing their projects and work schedules on time. 

The world wide web is just not the place for social interactions and scrolling images. It has more than just this to offer. Thus, it is important for entrepreneurs to radiate their search wings in the direction of essential entrepreneurship tools that will help them in flourishing their goals for 2020.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is not a skill set, it is an attitude with which an entrepreneur thinks and executes business management. Therefore, I bring in for all the entrepreneurs' essential entrepreneurship tools that they can use to ease out their daily requirements in a jiffy.

Parameters considered while picking these tools: 

Popularity of application 
Number of users available around the world  
USP features allowing entrepreneurs to use the app
Benefits to users 
Tasks that tool simplifies

Essential Free Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2020
Let’s wait no more and Explore the Best 21 Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs:

1. Zoom 

Who doesn’t know about Zoom today? 

The onset of coronavirus made Zoom a center of attraction among businesses. Earlier, Zoom was catering 200 million daily meeting participants. Now the outburst of user participants has risen up to 300 million. 

From government to schools everyone is using Zoom across the world. Over 90,000 institutions in 20 countries are contributing to the new user base of this app.

Essential Free Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2020

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It is a video conferencing tool that allows you to communicate with a large number of people over video calls and messaging. Almost every business vertical is using this tool to connect with their team and clients. It offers a secured medium for meetings, conferences, webinars, and chat. 

Use Zoom to connect securely with your team. 

You can glean more insights about Zoom here: https://zoom.us/

2. Prezi

 As an entrepreneur, you must be juggling between multiple meetings and client proposals and presentations. For an investor to invest in your venture, you need to create compelling presentations that can lock in his attention towards your presentation, and thus you will be able to assure the number of right investors for your project. 

Prezi is the tool that can streamline everything for you. 

Prezi has more than 100 million users and over 360 million presentations have been created over this platform.  Over these years, this tool has earned huge appreciation from its users. 

So, try Prezi to create presentations. 

Explore more about Prezi: https://prezi.com/

3. MeetEdgar:

Among the entrepreneurs this tool has gained great numbers, it has been rated 4.5 at Software Advice. Clearly, it is a highly useful tool for entrepreneurs. 

 It allows you to put your content before a larger audience available on social media. Being a sharing tool for social media, it offers access to organized libraries. Besides, you can create your content and set the schedules for publishing.

Glean more insights about it on: https://meetedgar.com/features/social-media-tool/

4. Canva:

Have you ever thought about promotion without creatives and graphics? Want an easy way out to create your images, graphics, PPTs, etc for promoting and positioning yourself as a brand in the market by yourself without hiring a graphic designer? Confused? Don’t worry, I got you covered with a tool called Canva that allows you to create beautiful images, graphics for your social media pages and ad campaigns like PPC, etc.  

 Essential Free Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2020

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Currently, Canva has more than 10 million uses across the world with over 100 million designs. It is the largest platform for designing graphics. There are tons of templates available to choose from and create compelling graphics in one go while saving time and cost.

You can explore more about Canva here: https://www.canva.com/

5. Virtual Staff Finder:

As per research, 13% of employees are more efficient at home rather in office. The fact is that virtual work culture is growing at a faster pace and 90% of virtual employees are preferring to work from home for the rest of their life. 

In such scenarios, hiring a virtual team can be the most wise step for the perspective of the future. 

Virtual staff finder is a tool that allows you to hire virtual employees through interviews. Using this tool, you can create a job description, and it serves you the top three candidates by matching the criteria. Later you can schedule interviews and can hire a virtual employee. 

Find more information here: https://www.virtualstafffinder.com/

6. Optimizely: 

An old blown startup mantra is iterate, iterate, and iterate. And a better way to experiment and run A/B testing for your websites that will help you to make market-driven decisions. Not just A/B Testing, you can do much more. 71% companies run A/B testing twice a month. Optimizely is a tool that allows you to test website copy, pricing, presentation, and other elements of your web presence both on mobile and desktop. 

Know more : https://www.optimizely.com/

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7.  Slack:  

More than 12 million people use slack in 2020. This platform is rapidly expanding with more than 9 million monthly active users. If you are an entrepreneur, slack can be proven as a great communication tool for establishing a faster and seamless connection.

Essential Free Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2020

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An easy way to communicate with your team and a smoother design interface that will allow you to create multiple groups and create chat sessions. A better way for Entrepreneurs to collaborate and keep things in momentum. It supports multiple features such as file sharing, private chat mode and much more. You can automatically sync all your devices and connect with other apps like WordPress, Skype, etc. 

Explore Slack here: https://slack.com/intl/en-in/

8. Rebrandly: 

Rebrandly is a growing tool for link tracking that is getting popular among businesses to improve their marketing efforts. A number of young business owners are switching to Rebrandly for better insights. 

Basically, it is an URL Shortener tool. However, it can be proven as remarkably useful for your business. Rebrandly link management platform is able to help you gain great insights about audiences’ interest. Using it you can track your each link in reference to country, language, frequent times of visit, devices, and more. In short, it reveals valuable information about the audience’s preference.

Explore Rebrandly here: https://rebrandly.com/

9.  Asana: 

 Another great tool for maintaining the workflow with inbuilt features like dashboards, task creation, projects, conversations, and much more. An easier way to optimize and align your teamwork efforts. A great way to convert your conversation into actionable tasks and dashboard will allow you to see the progress of on-going tasks and much more.

Asana is having 70,000 customers across 195 countries, and thriving as a trusted tool for managing organizational workflow. For entrepreneurs, it can ease down the hassle and streamline tasks. 

Explore Asana here: https://asana.com/

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10. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an outstanding tool for entrepreneurs as it allows you to organize your marketing activities. It renders a master calendar that enables you to make marketing plans in an interactive environment. It caters an ecosystem for top-notch team collaboration. It can save your significant amount of time in social media engagement by allowing tweets and blog posts scheduling.

Get more information about Coschedule: https://coschedule.com/

11. InfusionSoft

It is a sales automation tool offered by Keap. This tool offers insights into your sales data to improve conversion. Being a robust sales and marketing solution, InfusionSoft allows you to combine payment solutions, eCommerce, Marketing automation, and CRM with your apps and partners. 

Isn’t it a useful tool? 

Glean insights about it here: https://keap.com/infusionsoft

12. Squarespace

A business idea popping up converts a person into a budding entrepreneur keeping in mind that a business in this digital age requires an online presence. Squarespace allows certain plugins and features to design and set up your own website that is much easier to use than Wordpress. A compelling website certainly can improve your website traction. A great way to kick start your business is through a website set in place. 

Learn more about it here: https://www.squarespace.com/

13. Voila Norbert

It can turn out to be really annoying and cumbersome while searching for the right emails for an entrepreneur who has just embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. An important tool for all entrepreneurs to connect with the right people that ensures accurate delivery of emails in their mailbox to enable professional connections and relationships without the clinch of missing out on valuable email contacts when you are on the verge of developing a contact list and building connections. 

Explore more about it on: https://www.voilanorbert.com/

 14. Clarity.FM

There are many moments during your entrepreneurship period when you are stuck, confused and you can't think of resolutions for such situations. As an entrepreneur asking for external help certainly cannot be ruled out as the best option as entrepreneurs have to make sure the best cost-effective way to reach out to experts and for that alternative solution 

Clarity.FM can turn out to be a savior for all budding entrepreneurs who want to seek expert opinion for all business related things, opinion and more. Do you want to know what Brian Wong or Chris Brogan would do in your situation? Don’t get confused again,  Just ask them!

Learn more about it on : https://clarity.fm/

 15. Fiverr

 Last but not least, the most effective entrepreneur tool Fiverr offers services like graphic designing, voice over, Seo Enhancements, business cards, etc. So, if you have any requirements that need to be wrapped up in stimulated time and budget choose Fiverr as the most effective platform for your entrepreneurial inclinations. 

It has 2.4 million active buyers with 830,000 active sellers across 160 countries.  This platform is dedicated to freelance services, and turns out very useful for entrepreneurs to get small tasks done at an affordable price. 

Gain more insights about Fiverr on : https://www.fiverr.com/

16. Momentum

Does motivation really help? Does motivation hold a place in an entrepreneur course of life? I think motivation is not just a categorical aspect of anybody’s life. It is a necessity that has to be a part of everyone’s life. For entrepreneurs, motivation has to be the driving force as they are at the verge of starting their business career in full action. In this scenario, Momentum is there to help you! An easier way to focus and stay motivated all through the day, a customized browser window with an inspiring picture and quote that will keep you running all day long.

Check out Momentum here: https://momentumdash.com/

17. SendinBlue

A better way to keep your email list in check that can ensure a better throughput cycle. SendinBlue does the exact same thing for you. An automated email list building and follow-up feature that integrates everything virtually. Add on features like web forms, popups, and a basic landing page builder makes it worthwhile to try. Obviously, you can add and export contact list as per your requirements without much of complications.

Check out SendinBlue here: https://www.sendinblue.com/

18. Calendly

Do you have meetings or appointments that you can't manage organically or through offline calendars? Don’t worry now you can integrate your calendar schedules through Calendly that allows managing your daily, weekly and monthly schedules on go.  You can easily integrate it with Wix or Google Calendars to customize your schedule at ease.

Check out Calendly here: https://calendly.com/

19. Kissmetrics

A powerful analytics tool that determines web analytics at an individual level. It will help in tracking your visitors and let you optimize conversion rates by accessing detailed visitor actions, unlimited funnel reports, A/B split tests, data segmentation, and more.

Check out Kissmetrics here: https://www.kissmetricshq.com/

20. AngelList

What an entrepreneur requires at an elementary level? A piece of more consolidated information about the list of startup jobs, investors and a platform to post jobs. What a better way to get all your desired information through AngelList, which is one of the most considered platforms for all your startup related queries and much more.

Check out AngelList here: https://angel.co/

21. Typeform

What is considered as the most essential step after you set up your business and website? Think again!!! Not data, the consumers or end-users that you would be generating your revenue from. To understand your customers, their behavior and buying patterns, I bring in for you the most important entrepreneurial tool, that will help you understand about your more about your consumers buying patterns, behavior, and interests.  

Check out Typeform right away: https://www.typeform.com/

In this blog, I have tried and explained all the best possible business intelligence tools for entrepreneurs that can help an entrepreneur to come out of the nutshell and satiate the needs of entrepreneurship through these free tools. 

Besides, you can also get a business intelligence integrated platform developed specifically suited to your business requirements. For this, Hire Big Data solution company with expertise in AI, ML, and BI integration

I hope the blog seems insightful and can ignite the fire of entrepreneurs from within that can accelerate their business growth on a positive scale.

Thanks for reading!

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