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Biometric Leader – Mantra moves beyond Biometric Technology

Biometric Leader – Mantra moves beyond Biometric Technology

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Ahmedabad-based Biometric Machine Manufacturing Firm - Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated in 2006, moving beyond the Biometrics Technology. The Company is rendering concept-to-completion security solution to diverse sectors, is moving forth the System built on Biometrics Fingerprint machines towards delivering Customize Biometric Security Systems.

So far the company has implemented Frontline security solutions for multiple Government Organizations, businesses and Enterprises, namely Adani, Balco, Steel Authority of India, Welspun, 'Aadhaar' - a program by UIDAI for citizen identification and others. Recently, Mantra procured a large requisition from a prominent telecom provider - Airtel in Africa to give high-quality eKYC verification machines.

Mantra - globally perceived as a leader in the Biometrics technology, renders futuristic brand-driven systems. The Biometric devices manufactured by the Company are employed extensively to impart eKYC verification in Banking, Telecom and Government sectors. Recently Mantra has furnished high-tech solutions to Mundra Port and JSW 18 steel plants.

Throwing light on the technical strength of the firm, Mantra has many affiliations to its name and regarded to be the innovative Biometric machines' manufacturer in India. The company holds a stalwart support & marketing team widely spread in 24 states across the Nation. So far, Mantra has sold more than 10 million biometric devices and they are still counting.

From Fingerprint Biometric Techniques to Security Solutions Provider

Currently, there emerges a call for a rugged and twenty-first-century security solution concerning the citizen's validation process. Consequently, Mantra aims to move beyond Biometrics solution introducing Citizen's Identification solution to aid Government ingraining smooth administration of civil identities with vigorous and sophisticated biometrics solutions.

Mantra furnishes the all-in-one verification solution respecting a citizen right from a citizen's registration process to their validation. Company is a trusted partner of Aadhaar - a program by the Indian Government regarding Citizen Identification via Biometrics, employing biometric machines for the enrollment and identification of a person. It also supports the Government of India approach towards secured nation by civil identity verification via Biometric solution.

Turning to an End-To-End Solution

Novel services and products have been introduced by Mantra every year to suffice the future requirements of Clientele. Mantra is looking beyond the standard Biometric solutions; hence it presents a wide range of Customized solutions as per the Client's demand or necessity.

India’s first company to have FBI certification has achieved a substantial growth by bestowing an end-to-end security solution right from consultation for the Biometric device/solution to the implementation of Biometric machines appropriate for your Businesses, Enterprise or Organization.

In an era of advanced technology, a highly dependable access control system is requisite to shield the premises/facilities from any unauthorized means of approach. Mantra presents a comprehensive solution to safeguard your businesses' premises or facilities via a leading-edge multi-level access control system that impedes the restricted entries. With such a hi-tech security solution, only a dedicated person or a cluster of people will get permission to enter the designated area facilitating high-grade security.

The Organization is one of the fastest evolving brands in the province of Biometrics in India. The entire team of the firm continues to remain prompt in handling the now-ubiquitous onsite services. Company's success mantra is its profound and reliable relationship with their Clients and exceptional distribution network.

In the fastest growing world of technological advancement, every company is looking ahead to attain progression in the technology-driven market and the rush for establishing superiority over others will persist in the coming future. Even the company is looking forward to develop new innovative biometric technology thus they decided to setup the R&D team and looking to develop the holistic security solutions for multiple industries.