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How is Blockchain & AI Integration Changing the App Development Industry?

The App development industry is booming day by day and technologies like Blockchain and AI are adding more punch to it.

How is Blockchain & AI Integration Changing the App Development Industry?

Friday April 24, 2020,

4 min Read

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology

In today’s world, where technology is working over robots, and humans are developing brains with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the app development industry is also integrating Blockchain & AI Technology in their respective applications. These two technical revolutions are transforming the working behavior of not only the application, but even the app developers are reaping benefits out of it.

What is Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Blockchain: Blockchain is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT), but how blockchain technology works? By employing cryptographic hashing and decentralization, it makes the digital asset records unalterable and transparent. Google Doc is an example of blockchain technology. When a document is created and shared with people, the document is shared and not copied or transferred. The process creates a decentralized chain that permits multiple users to edit the document at the same time. The modifications are recorded in real-time, and any new change remains entirely transparent.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, which are further programmed to analyze like humans. To put it simply, artificial intelligence is credited with the ability to rationalize and to achieve set goals. Artificial intelligence includes elements like perception, learning, and reasoning.

Power of  AI and Blockchain Technology

AI and Blockchain technology would be able to enact and effect upon data in different ways, but the sync of both the technologies would make it even better and will help us to utilize the data in a more convenient way.

With the Blockchain technology, AI becomes more understandable and coherent when it comes to machine learning. Machine learning guides us to trace the footprints and make corrective decisions. While recording all the data, Blockchain technology aids in comprehending the decisions made under machine learning. The most significant application of AI for Blockchain is its ability to add on to the efficiency of the machine.

How Blockchain and AI Integration is Transforming the App Development Industry?

Based on the definition, as mentioned earlier of AI and Blockchain technology, the application development industry is integrating them into their newly developed apps. The benefits of which can be seen in the following points:

  1. Encrypted Security: With the inherent encryption, the data stored in the blockchain will be secure. If someone wants to protect highly confidential information such as their bank account numbers and other confidential documents, blockchain would be the best technology any developer can think of. In the meantime, through AI, which collects high volume data, it would be easier to find documents with just one single click. Researchers from all across the globe are already working on ways to employ Artificial Intelligence in such a way that its encryption doesn’t jeopardize security.
  2. Untangling the Thinking Process of AI: Artificial Intelligence can only benefit the user once it knows the usage and comprehends of the machine language. But with blockchain, every click and change is recorded, which makes the software or a system easier to use. 
  3. Managing and Accessing Data Market: Market players like Google and Facebook have access to a huge amount of data that would be very helpful in processing AI. But when it comes to smaller industries, they are still striving for the use of an AI. To cater to this, problem integration with the blockchain while developing the application would be a greater help, which will help in recording all the modifications and data entered and would help the user to mimic the action with the help of AI. 
  4. Optimizing Energy and Smart Contracts: To optimize energy consumption. AI needs to be trained on historical data from data centers and technology has to be integrated in businesses. The same principle goes for the mining sector, as well, and it will further cut down the prices of the mining hardware. Some glitches need to be handled wisely, and actions should be taken immediately.

The Endnote

With the combination of these two technologies, both the Android and the iOS app development industries are making greater benefits out of it. For example, the integration of Blockchain has made the payment gateway a smooth channel and further, AI defines the payments. Security is one grave issue that has struck the mobile apps, but with the combination of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, it can be tackled.