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How Does A Blog Help Your Business To Grow In 2020

How Does A Blog Help Your Business To Grow In 2020

Thursday January 09, 2020,

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When we talk about business in 2020, it’s obvious that without online presence one can’t thrive their business. So, we all know the importance of digital marketing in today’s online business. Blogging is one of the essential parts of Digital marketing and in this article, I will be sharing some benefits of blogging for your online business.

Blogging is no more just a hobby or fun activity. We have seen people are making a good amount of money through blogging, building a career in blogging. Yes, blogging has a very good potential to consider that as a full-time career as well. Besides that, blogging is also helping businesses to grow further and reaching the right audience to promote their products or services. Let’s explore more about such 6 points.

6 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business To Grow Further

In my previous article, I talked about some important blogging trends for 2020. As a business, if you are focusing on blogging to expand your brand visibility then you must know about those trends for sure. But if you are not aware of how exactly blogging can help your business to grow, then here are my 6 points that will definitely help you to understand the power of blogging.

1. Educate Your Customers

We all know how important it is to educate your customers with your products or service. These days people have many options to choose from. In that case, why will they buy something from your business? Think about it. The best way is by educating them, by sharing the benefits of your product or service and how come your business can solve their problems. And blogging is the best way to do that as you can write such useful educational articles, problem-solving topics and help the audience to understand your products or services better.

2. Content Marketing Is The Best

Marketing is the only way to reach your target audience in a short time. But we all know that you need a good amount of money to keep those paid marketing campaigns running all the time. But if you are not in a hurry, then you can choose the path of content marketing. Of course, it’s not free, but the amount you will spend is very negligible and the return you will get in the long run will be very high. Through a blog section on your website, you can regularly share useful content to expose different aspects and benefits of your business. This is the best way to market your business as people spend a good amount of time reading articles these days, before buying any product or service online.

3. Target More SEO Traffic

SEO or search engine optimization is the key to make sure you will get the best return from your content marketing efforts. When you start a blog on your website and publish articles, then gradually you will realize the power of organic traffic. With SEO, you can optimize articles, target specific keywords through which the right audience will come into your website and the chance of conversion will be high. Not only that, but you can also collect the leads and build an email list to communicate with them regularly in the future. 

4. Create Your Own Audience

Yes, I have just mentioned this point in the previous topic. Building the right audience is the key to get success in your business in 2020. Blogging is the best way to attract the right audience and you can capture their email or mobile numbers to build a list of audiences to communicate regularly.

5. Save Your Digital Marketing Expenses

Digital Marketing has become a mandatory expense for every business these days as without online presence one can’t take their business to the right audience. But if you are completely depending upon paid advertising, then you are actually spending a lot and also ignoring the other ways of promotion at the same time. Content marketing is very popular nowadays as people don’t like to click on Ads all the time. Rather they love to read some reviews, try to find the answers to the problems online. So, through blogging, you can actually cut down your paid advertisement expenses, if you have a long term vision with blogging & content marketing.

6. Grow Your Trust & Brand Power

The best way to grow your business or create a powerful brand is by reaching out to your audience, We all know the importance of branding in 2020. Branding is something that decides where exactly your business is going. People trust brands and based on that perception they always prefer to go with those brands. So, through content marketing and social media, you can actually reach the right audience and engage with them to understand their problems and provide them the solutions. You can easily do that by creating a blog section, by writing problem-solving articles, and such.


So, these are the 6 benefits of blogging that can really help your online business to grow further and take your brand visibility to the right audience. It’s always about targeting the right audience and help them to find a solution to their problems. Paid advertising is not effective all the time, whereas blogging is the best way to connect with the audience through problem-solving content marketing. It’s quite cheap and the long term effect is very much worthy. If you agree with what I have shared, feel free to write a comment below and share your thoughts on this topic.