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6 Branding Hacks to Make Your Brand Ready for the Future

Branding is no longer about aesthetic looks. It is about more about creating personalized and seamless consumer experiences with clear communication of brand characteristics.

6 Branding Hacks to Make Your Brand Ready for the Future

Thursday June 18, 2020,

5 min Read

Business leaders across the board are likely to agree that creating an engaging brand that resonates with modern consumers provides an extensive competitive edge to businesses. It is not only important how consumers perceive your brand, but to consciously make efforts to control the process of your brand perception. Thanks to the intensive competition, technological advancements, tech-savvy millennial consumers and ever-evolving business environment, the process of branding has changed dramatically in recent times.

In today’s scenario, branding is no longer about just aesthetic looks and differentiators; it is much more than that. Millennial consumer looks upon the brand as a person who shares the same values as them, provides personalized and seamless experiences, keeps them engaged and cares about the social and environmental causes just as they do. Hence, it takes effective all-round strategy, time and patience to build the strong brand identity, maintain that identity and evolve with time.

Branding is not an easy task and if you don’t have in-house capability, you can always look forward to seek external help from brand consultants or experts. To make your brand future ready, it is important that your brand resonates with the millennial population as they are early in their working careers or on the brink of entering the workforce. They are today’s decision influencers and shall be tomorrow’s decision makers.

If you are wondering what major hacks you should consider while creating your branding strategy to make it future ready, keep reading!      

Emphasize on Brand Personality

Brand personality is personification of a brand through association of human characteristics. You can develop the brand personality after carefully considering your target audience and what appeals them emotionally; consumers better connect to the brands that have characteristics similar to them or that they aspire to possess. You can carefully craft your brand personality after a proper study to see the characteristics your consumers and potential consumers would like to associate with – innovative, sincere, royal, creative, exciting, inspiring, brave, nationalist, spiritual, charismatic or any other.

Focus on minimalist and uncluttered brand

Your designs should communicate clearly, be uncluttered and easy to understand. Designs are not only visual aesthetics of a brand, but also how the products and services work and operate. Millennial consumers look for simple, seamless and convenient experiences. Your designs should reflect the ease of utilization and seamless experience – be it the your branding designs, product design, service offerings, website or apps design or even product packaging design – it should provide consumers with the right message and utility-based enjoyable and simple experiences.

Provide Personalized and Seamless Consumer Experience

In the modern fast moving world, consumers seek personalized product and service experiences. Today, personalized and on-demand consumer experience is not optional, but a necessity – be it targeted and personalized consumer communication; personalized recommendations for music playlist, binge watching, food ordering, shopping products, rentals, etc.; or personalized social media feeds and notifications.

Today’s consumer seeks overall personalized and seamless experiences throughout the buying and consumption cycle starting from product/ service recommendations to digital payments, final product/ service delivery as well as consumption and utilization of those products/ services. The consumer seeks real-time on-demand costumer support, whenever required either through online chats, telephone, social media or email support.

You can generate brand loyalty from the consumers to a great extent through personalized and seamless consumer experience.

Pay Attention to Brand Perception

In today’s interconnected world, brand perception is highly important. Utilizing the latest digital technologies, you can track your brand perception amongst the consumers, potential consumers and communities in general. You can do that by creating offline and online community presence and engaging with them. This shall enable you to keep a track of your brand perception, take corrective action whenever required and control the process of brand perception.      

Care about Communities

Modern consumer wants to be associated with brands that are empathetic and care about the social and environmental causes just like them. They want businesses and corporate to play an important role to tackle community’s issues and problems. Hence, it is important that your brand reflects social conscience – diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity to all, reducing carbon footprint, etc. are important to create a sustainable business model. It is not only important to implement them, but also as a part of you branding activity, clearly and unambiguously communicate them to your current as well as potential consumers.

Focus on Brand Loyalty of Millennials

Millennials are digitally native communities that are globally well connected through social media. They are more vocal about their brand experiences (especially on online platforms) than earlier generations. Today they are in decision influencing positions in workplaces as well as in households, and shall soon be in decision making positions. Hence, it is important for your brand to cater to their needs and requirements, and offer them the consumer experience they seek, which shall go a long way for you to win their brand loyalty.

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