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Upgrade Transport Service Quality with Kiosk Mode Solution

Mobile devices brought many benefits and challenges for the transport service providers, where kiosk mode solutions help create a productive business.

Thursday October 20, 2016,

4 min Read

In the recent past, cab service providers or drivers had radio as the only mode of communication with their operators. The development of touch-based smartphones have brought a significant transformation, allowing drivers to stay connected to their headquarters as well as customers always. Though drivers can use allocated mobile devices for personal communications, service providers can prevent this unnecessary use of corporate resources with a kiosk mode solution.

With dedicated applications for end-users, service providers allow travelers book journeys easily from their smartphone and communicate with the driver. These apps make traveling a better experience with real-time location of the cabs on a map along with much more detail. At the service provider end, apps like device lockdown allow service providers track their fleet & drivers to deliver flexible, quality transportation service.

Challenges in the Industry

While transporting customers or goods, drivers are always under the pressure of reaching destination on time, staying connected to the backend control system. There are various challenges to delivering a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation service.

While most of the drivers are not likely to be familiar with smart mobile devices available today, creating a challenge for service providers to train them. On the other hand, those who are familiar with mobile devices can utilize the features and allocated mobile data for personal use.

1. With drivers on-the-move almost always, inadequate mobility management could lead service providers to the loss of valuable data and time.

2. Cost of service increases with the lack of real-time and personal decisions on the front-line, particularly due to limited availability of information on mobile devices.

3. Lack of a proper mobility management and security solution for mobile devices used by drivers restricts service providers from reaping the benefits.

An effective management converts these resources into a better service and helps businesses achieve their goals. A kiosk mode solution further helps restrict employee devices to official use only, preventing any unauthorized access to data, or delay in service at the driver end.

Addressing Challenges for a Productive Mobility

A mobility management solution featuring kiosk lockdown helps ensure safe and productive use of mobile devices by employees.

* Additionally, service providers can track the location of drivers in real-time and assign them transportation jobs/tasks accordingly.

* The data from connected fleet via mobile devices can be viewed and analyzed in a single dashboard, for informed decisions.

* Increased collaboration between front-line drivers and backend staff helps streamline workflow, and deliver superior services for a better brand value.

A robust device management solution can help service providers deploy tablets and smartphones across their entire fleet with an efficient management. Enterprise mobility solutions help manage a huge number of devices from a single dashboard, push updates to all at once, and provide remote support along with tracking and monitoring.

Self Service Kiosks

Apart from mobile devices used by drivers, service providers can also deploy tablets as self-service kiosks for customers. This further helps improve the quality of services and brings various benefits for both customers and service providers.

Reduced Wait Time: Self-service kiosks offer a quick alternative for booking, checking status, or doing other actions without the need to wait in a queue. This helps reduce wait times for customers and improves brand value.

More Sales: By deploying self-help kiosks at locations where agent-assisted counters cannot be installed, businesses can attract more customers. Increased footprint leads to better sales and hence, a higher revenue.

Increased Efficiency: Allowing multiple people conduct transactions on their own yields better business efficiency than a single representative assisting multiple customers. Deploying self-help mobile kiosks along with human agents can help divide workload and result in higher quality of services.

Gaining Business Efficiency with DeviceMax Device Lockdown

DeviceMax offers Lockdown kiosk mode solutions to overcome challenges as discussed above. The MDM tool with kiosk lockdown features allows freezing your mobile device operations to a specific set of required apps only as well as:

Limit the use of unauthorized applications

Blacklist websites that are not of official use

Restricted access to mobile settings

Real-time location tracking

Remote troubleshooting of device issues

Device lock and data wipe (in case of device lost or stolen)

DeviceMax lockdown solution not only helps save costs on unnecessary internet or corporate resource use, but also helps track, and manage devices to optimize business operations.

In the transport industry, it becomes cumbersome to keep a track of every mobile device in real-time. A kiosk-based lockdown solution can help overcome all such challenges alongside preventing unauthorized access.