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Top 7 Countries with Best Minimum Hourly

Different countries have different minimum hourly wage. Learn and find if your working country included as top 7 the best hourly wage countries or not.

Top 7 Countries with Best Minimum Hourly

Wednesday January 18, 2017,

3 min Read

When job seekers are looking for a job, they will look on the minimum wage. Getting the highest wage is the best expectations of them. According to the latest data of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2014 constant prices, here is the top 7 list of countries with best minimum hourly wage(the numbers before deducted with tax and other deductions):

1. Australia (USD15 per hour)

On several real minimum wage studies, Australia often nominated as the country with highest minimum hourly wage. In the statistic data of OECD, Australia has USD15 per hour for minimum wage workers in 2014. Australia has tax system that gives high support to low wage earners. With the high minimum wage, the workers have a low tax burden which leaves them more in the pockets.

Even in the latest enacted minimum wage law in 2015, the minimum wage per hour is AUD17.29 for adult workers. The minimum hourly wage rate for 20 years old workers is AUD16.89, 19 years old workers is AUD14.26, 18 years old is AUD11.81, 17 years old is AUD9.99, 16 years old is AUD8.18, and under 16 years old is AUD6.36.

2. Luxembourg (USD14.8 per hour)

Luxembourg has the highest minimum hourly wage between European Union members in 2014. However, Luxembourg divides the minimum wage based on age and skill. In the regulation that took effect in the beginning, unskilled workers in the age of 18 and over have minimum wage of €10.93 per hour, while skilled workers have higher minimum wage with €13.11 per hour. Unskilled workers in the age 17-18 have €8.89, while the age 15-17 has €8.34.

3. France (USD12.6 per hour)

The amount of money earned and time served from works are explained in detail in France worker’s law. The minimum wage that takes effect in January 2016 is €9.67 per hour. It presumes that the worker has worked in 7 hours each day in weekday.

4. Belgium (USD11.9 per hour)

In the minimum wage law that took effect on 2014, Belgium divides minimum wage by age and time served. For workers who are 21 years old and more, the minimum wage is €8.94 for 38 hours working per week and €8.71 for 38 hours working per week. The higher wage for less working hours regulation is enacted to ensure the welfare benefits and allowances of workers.

5. New Zealand (USD11.7 per hour)

New Zealand government set different minimum wage law for workers who are starting-out and adult minimum wage. Before tax, the current minimum wage for starting-out workers is $11.80 per hour for 8-hours working each day. While the current minimum wage for adult workers in the age of 16 and over is $14.75 per hour for 8-hours working each day. There was no minimum wage law set for workers under the age 16.

6. Ireland (USD11.5 per hour)

The latest minimum wage law in Ireland enacted on July 2011 with €8.65 per hour for experienced adult workers. Workers (19 years old and above) in second years of first employment has €7.79 hour, while workers (18 years old and over) in first year of first employment has €6.92 per hour.

7. Netherlands (USD11.4 per hour)

Netherlands has clear and specific minimum wage law that last enacted in January 2016. From age (15 years to above), pay period of minimum wage (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), until holiday allowance are stated clearly in the law. For workers in 23 years old and above, the minimum wage rate is €70.37 daily with €5.63 for holiday allowance.

Is your country included in the list? Do you consider working on the listed-countries above to get best minimum hourly wage?


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