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10 tips you can't ignore for advertising success on Instagram

Advertising at Instagram is not a rocket science. It takes time in learning and optimizing the techniques to create effective, impactful and ROI driven Instagram advertising campaign. Here, I am sharing my top 10 tips to be successful in Instagram advertising.

10 tips you can't ignore for advertising success on Instagram

Friday February 09, 2018,

4 min Read


Instagram with its 400 Million users, has become one of the leading social media platform, which is having a revenue of almost 10% of the Facebook revenue itself. Now, brands and businesses are taking interest to post their ads on such a big platform to reach myriad of potential customers. Here, we are sharing some tips for you to get advertising success on Instagram.

1. Add creativity to your photos and their Captions

High-quality images always work better to attract more and more people but here, to get advertising success on Instagram, only high quality and clarity of picture could not work alone. Find images to share at your profile from Mulpix and add some creativity to your photos in such a way that your photos itself tell the story of your product or services.

Add some creative and eye catchy caption to your photos that can better describe your product or services.


You can notice the advertising photo of FedEx Express, a high-quality image describing the quality of services.

2. Add hashtags to your advertising post

Hashtags are a very powerful tool available on the Instagram as it helps the Instagram users to get all the feed for a particular hash tag. This way users can find the photos according to their interests. Instagram advertisers can use hash tags to make their post appears for the particular keyword. Find out most trending keywords related to your brands on the Instagram and use those keywords as the hashtags for your advertising posts.

3. Focus on your social media statistics

Just focus on what your users or followers like to see and at what time. Clearly read your social media statistics and check which types of offers or posts your followers like the most and the times or days when your advertising posts obtain most views, likes and comments. This way, you can use the social media statistics to build your advertising strategy.

4. Use specific images for your Instagram campaign

On Instagram, being a social media platform that relies on photos and videos, you have to use specific images that are especially taken for your Instagram campaign. Close shots, unusual angles could generate curiosity in your target audience.

5. Advertising post should follow your overall marketing strategy

Always make sure that your advertising post on Instagram should follow your overall marketing strategy and your brand strategy.

6. Use Instagram stories

For getting more and more engagements with your advertising posts on Instagram, you can use Instagram Stories. Everybody likes a good story especially if it is emotionally attached to your target audience. You can tell your product story or story having special insights that could better describe your products or services.

7. Make your advertising posts short and effective

Today’s online user want to gain more information in less time. Make sure that your photos said everything about your products or services. Try to add the short caption to embellish your post. According to an Instagram case studies, the captions with 40 characters or less have got the great response.

8. Add calls-to-action

Instagram allows adding Calls-to-action to your paid advertising post. This way you can get clickable links for the advertising post that helps you to drive more and more traffic to your website. You can use short CTA’s such as Watch Now, Learn more, Apply Now etc.

9. Advertising post should be responsive

Make sure that all your posts, especially advertising posts on Instagram should be responsive to all types of devices such as mobile, laptop, and iPad etc. Unresponsive posts can disappoint your customers.

10. Test them ads

Instagram provides you with a better platform on which you can try some mini ad test campaigns to know the response and interests of your target audience.