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What is Local SEO and best ways to locally optimize your website?

In This Story We would like to cover about local SEO and how to optimize your website to get more local enquiries

What is Local SEO and best ways to locally optimize your website?

Saturday April 28, 2018,

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an effective way of optimizing your website in order to get a better position on the search engine result pages for all the local search queries on a specific set of keywords. In other words, with local SEO, you can rank your website higher when local web traffic searches for local services on search engines. 

Local web traffic refers to people around the region where your business is established. Local SEO came into the scene with the rise of smartphones as the locations of the users are being tracked by the search engines automatically to show better and relevant result. Local SEO strategy is essential for a local business to get local customers as most of the people search on the internet to find local businesses and service providers. 

Therefore, you need to avail local SEO services India to optimize your website and get a higher rank on result engine result pages for the keywords associated with your business.



According to a data published by a survey company, 95% of the mobile users are searching for local businesses and services. The following SEO local guide will help you to understand how to locally optimize your website to target the local web traffic.

Best Ways To Locally Optimize Your Website – Local Listing – Local listing is creating business profiles in the local web directories. A business profile contains the name, the website link, business category, location, contact details, social media page links, description of the business, services and products, keywords and various such necessary information. Local web directories include Google MyBusiness, Yahoo! Local, Yelp and various such relevant directories of your country.

This helps the local customers to discover your company’s website easily as these local directories get listed on the first of search engine result pages. As a matter of fact, Google lists the local businesses on the side of the first page when the result of a search query is shown. Here you can find the top 50 online local business directories for creating your business profiles and boosting local listing rank. If you cannot do it yourself, you can always opt for local SEO services India and get it done perfectly for a better result.

Increasing Prominence – If you are wondering on what basis Google determines the rank of the local pages, there are three different factors for the same. The first one is relevance which means that your business should match with what the audiences are looking for which can be achieved by unlimited local listing. The second factor is the distance of the customer’s location from your business location and the third factor is prominence. Prominence is determined by the reviews you are receiving, the popularity of your social media pages, backlinks you have from local websites and various other factors. Therefore, your local SEO strategy should give priority to getting reviews and backlinks and boosting the interaction of the social media pages so that customers talk about your business publicly.

Optimize Your Website – If your business is dependent heavily on the local customers, your website should be tailor-made according to the local SEO guide. Your website must be having separate service pages.Hire SEO experts for local SEO services India and get the local service terms based on the service you offer. The web content of every service page must be optimized according to the local search terms so that you can rank higher and targeted local audiences can land on your service page directly through search engines. 

The home page must have the location of your business, social media pages, and Google Map must be integrated. If there is a phone number, make it clickable so that smartphone users can call you up instantly. Similarly, the email address must be hyperlinked for instant access. The page and post heading must have local search terms. Form a perfect local SEO strategy for optimizing your website with the help of local SEO expert.

Mobile-First Design – According to the latest Google ranking algorithm, the websites having mobile-first designs will get priority in local SEO ranking. A mobile-first design of a website is the design that should run smoothly and perfectly on mobile phones. In other words, the theme used should be for the smartphones first and then the desktop and laptop users.

Previously, most of the websites had a desktop and laptop-friendly designs and then priority was given to mobile users. Since most of the local search web traffic is coming from smartphones, your website should appear in the mobile version that should be highly optimized for the comfort and convenience of mobile users. If you already have a website, you can avail local SEO services India to get suggestions to improve your website’s design for better local ranking.

Start A Blog – Lastly, a blog is a must for every website now whether it is a business website or product selling the online store. A blog is not only going to entertain the audiences and get them informed, it is the best way to get a higher rank in the search engines. The blogs must be written for the local customers as well as global ones. All the local search terms and keywords must be optimized through the blogs you write and your rank will easily go up with time.

Follow this local SEO guide rigorously and list your business in local web directories, optimize your website, work on your social media pages, get reviews, start a blog and have the patience to get the desired results.

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