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Welcome to the world of Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the world of Entrepreneurship

Thursday July 05, 2018,

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Every youngster wants to be an Entrepreneur.They have lots of ideas too.They also possess lot of confidence and energy at the beginning. Addition to that they are motivated with every business they come across.

But, A sustained consistent motivation, Planned approach, Adaptability to the worst, Compulsion to sacrifice, Level of commitment, Awareness about quantum of efforts required, Risk taking and Analysis of right or wrong direction is what they lack.


They miss out on the hidden ground level realities which comes as ‘Terms and conditions apply’ for being an entrepreneur.

You dont have weekends for years together in the peak years of your youth.

Day or night do not make difference to you.

Your friends glorify your designation of Entrepreneur and look down upon you when they see your struggle, compromises and sacrifices.

Your work hours are never defined.24hrs of the day are never enough.

You dont have enough money even to run the show for one more day at times.

You dont know that there is something called as luxury for years together when u are fit to enjoy luxuries.

Survival is a challenge .

Amidst all this you are pursuing a dream which only you can see.

No one believes in your dream after certain failures.

If you want to think that this is the initial phase of the struggle for survival, you are greatly in illusion.

You struggle to survive initially and then to be stable in your position for the rest of your life.

Even if you are earning crores on papers, nothing changes for you.Any day you might struggle to put together even few lakhs or thousands.

You are the poorest person in front of your financial stake holders.

Your successes are never big enough or sufficient enough even to rest for a day.

You are in the society but you need to isolate from all negatives.

No one motivates you.

You are required to be your own mentor, financer, motivator and care taker.

The definition of self respect has a different meaning altogether


Buy the ticket, be prepared to pay the price and walk in.

Anyone who can sustain all this and believe that they will stand by all their right and wrong decisions

Accept the virtual life of luxury,Never ending struggle with a huge smile

Never ending motivation and positivity in-spite of being tested time and again the worst possible way by life, people and everyone around.

-Sucheta Gour

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