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7 motivational hacks for repeated failure

Ways to overcome failures

7 motivational hacks for repeated failure

Monday August 14, 2017,

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Failure is a common phenomenon so despite being unnerved by it, one should work on strategies to overcome it. The most enlightening lesson of overcoming repeated failures comes from the toddlers, these toddlers fall many times before they succeed. If these toddlers would have given up after few attempts then humans would have never succeeded in life and might have been still in the Stone Age.

The perseverant attitude is the right attitude to tackle failures, the support of loved ones and families also holds a key to that. If you may have a bad phase in life then remind yourself just one thing – happiness of your family. They will not judge you despite your success or failure ratio.

How to stay motivated and focused?

1. Make goals which are realistic: By preparing these goals, be it short term or long term you are going to give direction to your life and have to develop a mechanism which reminds you of your goal quite often so that there is no deviation from your path.

2. Keep the company of positive people: Positivity flows from one person to another, if you are surrounded by positive people you will also be surrounded by positive energy to keep you motivated.

3. Help others to achieve their goals: The day you start helping others who are related to your goals to achieve their goals is the day that your goals will be automatically be sorted out.

4. Celebrate success: Enjoying success no matter how small it may be is a must as we go into a shell after small failures. The logic behind this is to keep on creating positive references throughout your life so that in the grim times you can take inspiration.

5. Forget comparison: Every person has his or her success formula which may be different from yours, so are the goals and efforts. So, if you compare your achievements you may never be happy as the ‘Grass is always greener on the other side’.

6. Take a step back: Often we tend to get busy with our day to day affairs and the thought process gets muddled, so it is always wise to take some time off to analyze your progress. By doing this you will realize the gray areas of your effort and will start working towards them accordingly.

7. Read motivational books: Books are your best friends, if you are reading then you are always learning, the best of the leaders across the globe are voracious readers. The books on self-help, motivation, inspiration etc always give some food for thought and sometimes help you relate with the person who has achieved success. The best book to read will be Shrimad Bhagwad Gita which encapsulates all the learning of life.