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10 social media marketing strategies to keep you connected with your audience

10 social media marketing strategies to keep you connected with your audience

Saturday January 20, 2018,

5 min Read


Social media- If used in a smart way, it can assist you with a platform completely for brand exposure, networking, awareness and an enormous boost in sales and traffic. But most of them do not know how to use social media properties in a relevant way.

If you are looking for an edge over your rival companies, Social media marketing is the way to go! Most companies are not yet compatible with the word “Social Media Marketing”. This leads to a gap between them and their rivals. Social media marketing can certainly make a big difference to a business.

Below mentioned are the 10 simple social media marketing strategies to keep you connected with your audience:

1. Organize Your Strategy

What can you accomplish the most with your social media marketing strategy? What sort of response are you expecting from your respective audience? The entire planning might require:

a. Branding

b. Exposure

c. Networking

d. Relationship and Trust Building

e. Inbound Links and SEO

f. Customer Relations

2. Acknowledge Your Target Market

Create a perception of your target audience in your mind. What kind of visitors you would like in your website and what should they search for? What they require the most and what are their expectations through social media conversation?

Think about what they would experience in everything you do. They are the ones you would like to add to your channel, so the first impression has to be the best with a precision to and appealing call-to-action!

3. Provides Quality Content Consistently

The content which you post should be:

a. consistent as in daily updates

b. consistent with your long-term objective or message

For example, if you are a recruiter, provide required resources. If you acquire an e-commerce gardening website, provide tips on gardening. Whatsoever may be your message, you want to post it on regular basis across the web.

This assists you accomplish your objectives related to branding, and exclusively allows you to create the view that you want people to have of you or your organization. Being regular with your message and your marketing also advances toward your objective of relevance when it comes to SEO.

4. Content Has To Be the Prime Priority, Not Marketing

Several people eventually understand this backward. The focus has to be on valuable, high-standard content as if the content is appealing, it will automatically do the marketing for you.

You don’t have to bookmark or Digg your own content but instead, focus on preparing such great content that your target audience gives it an unsolicited stumble or Digg for you.

You just need to write and give easy access to social media services where your target audience can relate to your content and share with their respective friends.

So, prepare the top quality content, and let the rest happen naturally.

5. Beware! Do Not Optimize Beyond the Limit

Social Media Marketing can assist you to accomplish top search engine rankings for related keyword phrases. You have to be cautious… because “over-optimization” can hamper your project.

Utilizing the same anchor text that you hyperlinked to your site exclusively leaves a ‘digital footprint’, which leads to a red flag that you might be trying to maneuver the search results. Avert this by utilizing natural variations for the links that connect back to your website in anchor text. You require a specific number of “click here” or similar links to provide balance to your strategy for optimization.

6. Home Page Must Not Be Linked!

Social media is more about short conversations, so think how you can acknowledge internal pages or offers of your company website into these micro-topical conversations. The respective process will exclusively keep your followers and groups engaged in the subject at hand, and offer lots more value to your target audience.

The links pointing to website pages, assist it to gain prominence in the respective search engines. The other stuff being equal amid two same websites designs, the website with more deep interlinks will exclusively have higher position the other. This also provides you more exposure to the results of the respective search engine, as your internal pages will start ranking for particularly related keyword phrases.

7. Valuable Resource Will Be A Great Asset

There is a reason it is known as Social Media. If all you publish is self-promotional requests and links, you will become a segment of the “noise” and literally be expelled out by your target audience. They will begin to scan your tweets and posts without even acknowledging it.

Avert this by becoming a valuable resource. Provide links that you do not acquire. Just provide value to your followers by providing relevant resources and links.

8. Social Networking

To accomplish your social media endorsing goals, you need to execute some social networking also. Other webmasters or publishers in your niche will be your ideal friends in the landscape of social media!

Place every rival on your standard and prepare an “inner circle” of business peers or friends. These are the ones you can be interviewed by or interview yourself, a joint venture with, share links with, etc. They cannot be considered a rival. Just start looking at how you can challenge each other’s’ rank in the industry!

9. Build Rapport

Reply to comments and feedbacks, get involved in conversations, ask for reviews and then reply to it. Their number of people want to know that you are really not just “an organization”.

The platform of Social media provides you an opportunity to build rapport. You can use social media as a real opportunity to make a connection with your respective audience.

10. Link Freely!

This is a mixture of point number 3 and 7. The ones who follow you or subscribe to your posts, or ‘likes’ on social media pages… always desire to hear your latest updates. If they will not get regular updates, they will quickly unfollow you – which is OKAY. This is certainly not a contest or a numbers game – it means socializing and syndicating in a professional way on regular basis.

Following these simple 10 steps of social media marketing can grow your audience for online business faster than any other way.