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Five Instagram channels every student must follow

Friday April 21, 2017,

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In our socially-driven world today, it is important that we keep up with the latest news around the globe and what better way to do that that use social media itself. For anyone who doesn’t already know, Instagram is a simple way to capture and share photos, videos and messages with friends and family. The app allows you to follow different channels to your liking. I would recommend following these 5 channels that have really inspired and helped me. Check them out 

Entrepreneur Magazine 


The magazine shares famous quotes, motivational images and behind-the-scenes video clips and images of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. You get a feel of personally interacting with these people and this will inspire you to create your own success story. The best part about this channel is the contests they have every day which will keep you engaged and are a sure thrill for all students.

Humans Of New York 


This channel shares inspiring photos of different people all over the world. Each photo comes with a caption that tells the story of the person in the photo. It is truly a humbling experience that will make you understand another person’s struggle. Keep in mind that even a small bit of good can go a long way.



This channel offers weekday bite-sized tech and digital marketing tips, news and reviews with their three hosts- Amber Mac, Jeff MacArthur and Lara Killian. This is a must stop for all the tech-geeks to know all about the latest advances in the tech industry.

Daily Overview 


The channel shows us aerial shots captured from around the world. It gives us a different view of our plant than what we see on a daily basis and is a reminder of its great beauty and substance.



This is actually an app that teaches English. You will receive bite-sized lessons through notifications that are strategically spread throughout the day to help you learn on-the-go and retain information longer. You can set the frequency of these notifications according to your pace and earn knowledge credits by giving quizzes. The channel also offers new English vocabulary words with infographics every day. 

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