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One single thing that can change the conversation about your business

Focus on Business Outcomes as your number one priority and the rest will follow

Monday August 06, 2018,

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It's about laser focus on what business outcomes are you trying to drive, if you are clear about the outcomes, then the rest will fall in place. They Say start with the end in mind.

Example, when people go to buy their spectacles, most of the focus is on the frame, what size, what color, metal, fiber, titanium stell make, which brand, how does it look, does it look stylish, no harm in thinking all these, but the key thing that you are getting the spectacles for us the lenses, that will help you ease your focus and enable you to see clearly. While shopping for spectacles involves 80% of the focus on the shop, where to buy, brand etc., not the actual lenses.

Most often when we have conversations at work, people tend to talk about several aspects of our workflow, the steps involved, the process around it, how to get there, etc.,

But the key thing that anyone is looking for…, what business outcomes are you trying to achieve using that process or workflow. The process and the workflow are a means to get the thing… i.e business outcome, but most of the energies seem to be talking about the process.

When you separate the noise from the system and focus purely on business outcomes, the conversations become interesting and you quickly get the attention of your clients and stakeholders. The focus should be on what results are you bringing for your clients, what problems are you solving, what solutions are going to address the pain points of the customer.

For a business to be successful there are several functions that keep the business running, lets say for a flight to be operational there are several checks, back-end staff checking the mechanical aspects of the flight, ground staff taking care of luggage of the clients, there is someone validating the ticket purchase, passport or valid identity card… and many more. But the most obvious thing a customer on a flight would notice is the service he/she received on the flight. It does not mean to ignore all the other functions, but the customer-facing function that is more visible and decides the business outcomes is the service a prospect receives in a flight. And when someone buys a ticket from an airline, while all other factors above are important for functioning the flight, the most key one is the experience the prospect has on the flight.

And while presenting or selling the seats on a flight/airline, the focus on the services a customer would receive on the flight, they don't bore you with the technical aspects on the flight, the number of staff on the flight, the safety of your luggage, and the revenue of their airlines etc., single key focus is to ensure you have an amazing experience on a flight (the entertainment available, the type of seats, food etc.,)

So… every conversation you have, try to start the conversation with a focus on outcomes. Pure outcome and let the prospect ask for more and you play by the ear and feed as they need it, to the level of details they want to get in to. And see how this makes your pitch interesting and more people would like to hear from you.