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How to speed up field data collection process

Data collection mistakes can detract from the value and credibility of your data.

How to speed up field data collection process

Friday January 05, 2018,

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Poor documentation and collation processes along with other errors can make the matter worse. If you’re looking for a way to eliminate those mistakes and streamline your processes, consider investing in a mobile field data collection app for your business. Here’s how:


Switch from Manual to Mobile

The reason why a lot of small businesses lose out to big one is that they have limited information, says Small Business Trends. As more and more businesses discover the convenience and cost-efficiency of cloud computing solutions, though, more and more small to midsize companies are finding it easy to go toe-to-toe with big brands and businesses. With a field data collection software that makes it easy for them to manage their field marketing efforts, companies switching from manual to mobile are now finding out how efficient, fast and convenient these data collection tools are.

Determine What You Need

While moving from manual to mobile is going to be a definite improvement over manually inputting data, collating information and so on, choosing just any field reporting software won’t do. First, make sure you have a list of the features you want. Find out what your organizational needs are. Where are the bottlenecks in your process? This will help you put together a list of your company’s needs which will make it easier for you to determine must-have features in your mobile field data collection tool, says the Tech Advisory.

Check Ease of Use

field data collection software isn’t going to do you or your company any good if takes you or your team forever to use it. Find options that are easy and simple to use and understand. The last thing you want is to spend a ton on a system that your employees hate.

Consider User Experience

The right field reporting software will depend a lot on the level of your team’s experience. Do you want to go for an option that’s basic, with little to no frills or one with all the bells and whistles? Factor this in before you decide. If your crew work with a lot of data when they’re out in the field, then it might be prudent and wiser to provide them with options loaded with a ton of high-productivity features.

Enjoy Cloud Access

These days, you can look for field reporting tools that allow easy access from anywhere. That means real-time updates to your database. Whether you or your employees are at home, out in the field or at the office, everyone gets to see the data updated in real-time. That means faster decisions, easy collaboration and better, more efficient work schedules.

If you’re looking to speed up the way you and your team work, it might be time to start looking for the data collection solutions. Investing in a field data collection tool that makes it easy to adjust, input, collect and work with data from anywhere, anytime is a good start.