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Feeling that killed many dreams!

Wednesday April 26, 2017,

4 min Read

An Ear to your Fear can give you enough courage to Face it

Fear-the most common feeling which everyone of us experience all over our life at some or the other point. Our father, Our mother, Our brother, Our sister, Our friend, Our love, Our boss, Our colleague and numerous such people around us are afraid of something. Fear is the feeling which we tend to come across from the very beginning of our life. The day we are born and gradually grow up we tend to develop different kinds of fear and overcome all. I repeat overcome all.

Same is the story with Ravi. Ravi was born and brought up in a very secured environment with all the amenities and happiness. Completed his schooling with good percentile in XII metric exams, he had to decide the future of his life. Like every one of us have a dream he too had one — dream to design or manufacture a car of his own. With this dream and fear of not achieving it he worked hard to clear the entrance exams. Not so easy to crack the entrance exams he failed in his first attempt. Fear grew more as in how to achieve his dreams? Dream which he has been dreaming from childhood how he will achieve it? Fear of not clearing in second attempt shrilled him.

And then with the fear of not clearing the exam in second attempt, he decided to take another route to achieve his dream. The route of creativity-Animation. Not liked and considered to be not a successful career to have for life, option got rejected by the parents. And then, he became more afraid as in what he shall do now. How he shall achieve his dreams?

Fear if taken positively, will lead you to success and if not then to failure

Being from a Marwari family, Ravi was pondered with the idea of pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. Again, a feeling of fear struck Ravi, as how he shall be able to cope up with the people who has studied accounts for 2 years as he didn’t know A of the Accounts. Being afraid of not coping up with the people who are ahead of him he could have either dropped the plan of pursuing CA or with fear get into the sea full of experience commerce students. Once because of his fear of not clearing entrance exams in second attempt he has shattered his dreams. Now he thought to live with dream of others. And with positivism he chose to go with the fear and accept it as a challenge. Nostalgic he felt, thinking about the night of his graduation day, when all his commerce colleague said that they will become Chartered Accountant, he didn’t know he too will be in their league.

Accepting your fear, will lead you to CLOUD 9

In the process of converting his fear into motivation, he motivated himself by speaking one thing to self “To audit the Ferrari Company if not designing one”. Sounds funny but this motivated him. He had one thought before joining CA “Four years of study in engineering and four years of study for CA. Not more than that”. People spend years doing CA but Ravi was afraid that more the years he spends completing CA more tough the competition shall be for him. His colleagues would have been far ahead of him if he does not clear all the levels in one go. And with sheer dedication and sincerity he planned his 4 years of study and cleared all the level in first attempt. It was accepting his fear of getting back in the world of competition helped Ravi crack all the levels of Chartered Accountancy course in first attempt.

Ravi, because of his fear couldn’t go for second attempt in engineering. He didn’t convert his fear into his motivation. Had he converted his fear into motivation he might have been living his dream. Coming from a science background and clearing CA all levels in his first attempt, he realized after four years that had he given one extra year by appearing for entrance exams again, he might have been living his dream. However dreams not achieved, but one thing he learnt that not to be afraid of the Fear instead befriend the Fear of your life and you should achieve the success which you have not dream of.

Fire, Earth, Air, River- the word which itself has all the elements of universe. How can you get demotivated by it?