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7 things that would soon be viral in social media

No Kidding. It's True. It will happen

Wednesday January 25, 2017,

3 min Read

“The world is on Social Media where you are?” – This highly volatile platform surely maintained it’s paced and underwent several trends which took marketers by whirlwind. Let us find out what are the trends that are upcoming in the year we have welcomed last month.

1. Paid content promotion – The algorithm followed by social media platforms makes it a tough fight for marketers to gather organic likes and views. Needless to say, they have to opt for paid promotion methods for their sustainability. Hence, the paid form of content popping on the screen continues the rule the arena.

2. Humanly approach – 2017 is surely going to witness a shift from the automotive mode. As the customers are lurking for more interactive and humanly approach chances of brands sidelining automations seems to be on the card. This is certainly the high time that the brands have started understanding the sleek difference between efficiency and being a robot. Making the user experience more realistic is what 2017 is going to aim at.

3. Snap it – Snapchat has surely undergone several positive changes ot maintain its stake in the market. The user focused application is aiming towards creating live content and pattern of communication. After going through the major transformation to match the trends of social media world, it is more likely to gather a number of users this year.

4. Messenger to lean on – It is forecasted that the brand marketers shall be leaning on messenger application more this year for better customer services. This cost effective and faster way of resolving issues shall bridge the gap between the customers and the brand. There are 4 billion users of messengers pertaining to different messaging applications which is surely going to turn lucrative for the emerging brands if they played it right.

5. The point of purchase on social media – Ecommerce shall be taking smaller steps towards promoting the product on social media. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat since 2016 enables the buyers to view the product, get allured and shop through the online site. This is however opening up newer avenues for the sellers who are into ecommerce.

6. The shift in stories – Instagram introduced stories to feature in August 2016 however merely within the period of two months it was reported that Instagram stories are exceeding in popularity when compared to Snapchat. The trends suggest that probably brands would rather shift towards Instagram for brand promotions.

7. Own type of content – The inclination towards ‘own type of content’ shall increase. Brand would prefer generating the content that would tend to highlight the other side of brands. Videos such as ‘how to’, ‘behind the scenes’, ‘make up tutorials’ are hugely in demand. Such content retains the originality of the brand and also connects with the customers pretty well. Trust me. Being a CEO of a Content Writing Firm, and an experienced word-weaver, I can forecast it neatly.

2017 is definitely going to be an exciting year. Given the trends that social media is witnessing, it is evident that the year is going to be filled with twists, turns and a lot more in stores for the general users and brands as well.