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8 Self-Assessments You Need To Enhance Your Productivity This Year

Of course everyone possesses equal share of strengths and weaknesses; however, it’s not always that we focus on analyzing them. Staying productive at work or home could be a challenge for most of us

Tuesday October 18, 2016,

3 min Read

Your willingness to fight your shortcomings will cause your strengths to bring laurels.

Of course everyone possesses equal share of strengths and weaknesses; however, it’s not always that we focus on analyzing them. Staying productive at work or home could be a challenge for most of us, but assessing your personal as well as professional productivity time-to-time can help you to crack the improvement opportunities and be more effective and efficient.

In this post, we will look at the 8 self-assessments that would help you to discover how your current approach is perhaps making things less productive for you.

What’s your Personal Productivity Style? - By Harvard Business Review

Before beginning with any self-assessment, take a pause and try to figure out your productivity style. Every individual’s cognitive flow or the way he/she perceives and process information is different. This small self-assessment helps you to understand your productivity style and suggests you improvement tips that worked the best for the like-minded people.

Free to Focus Personal Productivity Assessment – By Michael Hyatt

Assessments are great as they help you to know where you stand currently. The free to focus personal productivity assessment by Michael Hyatt  targets areas like task management, schedule planning, workload handling, etc. The test pinpoints your current location and reveals the areas that call for improvement.

Time-management Assessment by Mindtools

Time management is crucial to be productive in any sphere of life; however, most of us find ourselves struggling to meet deadlines at the hourly, weekly, or daily basis. With the help of the time management self-test quiz by Mindtools, you get to identify the aspects of time management you need most help with.

Clifton Strengthsfinder Test

The Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment by Gallup helps you to identify your natural talents and guides you to utilize them optimally to enhance your productivity, engagement, and performance. You can choose from different packages offered by Gallup to identify your top five strengths. Also, you get a strengths-based action planner, which helps you to develop yourself professionally and personally.

DiSC Profile Assessment

DiSC profile is a personal self-assessment tool that lets the employees assess themselves on the grounds of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The DiSC profile assessment helps professionals to enhance their productivity, communication skills and teamwork as per their current position in the firm.

Energy Profile by Johnson & Johnson

Productivity is deeply affected by a set of elements like time, energy, environment, emotions, etc. Optimal results are achieved only when a person is emotionally linked, spiritually aligned, mentally absorbed and physically invigorated. The energy profile by Johnson & Johnson provides you a gist of your current energy distribution and guides you to increase your energy levels in every dimension.

Productivity Chain® Self-Assessment by Casey Moore inc.

This quick assessment suggests you the strong and weak areas in your productivity chain. The Productivity Chain® Self-Assessment by Casey Moore inc. gauges the 12 factors that affect the productivity levels of a human. It tells you the areas to target for improvement, which in turn helps you to enhance your total efficiency.

360o Multi-Rater Feedback System by CEB

The assessments offered by CEB global measure the specific skills of the person to understand individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Skill assessments are vital for a businessman as well as an employee. The 360o Multi-Rater Feedback System by CEB provides an in-depth insight on the performance and potential of a person, based on the ratings of peers, colleagues, managers, clients, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, your readiness to fight your weaknesses can bring success real soon. The results derived from the above-mentioned assessments will give new insights to learn more about yourself and enhance your productivity with ease.