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Mobile UI/UX humanisation and apparent development of singularity

Mobile UI/UX humanisation and apparent development of singularity

Thursday March 01, 2018,

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Mobile App Development and UI/UX depend on the synergy of one another, whether they work in harmony or tumultuous dysfunction. Top app development companies are tasked with the challenge of making software that will efficiently run on roughly 4 different OS versions and a staggering several dozen different hardware devices. Not to mention a couple different slight variations of the ARM chip-set and more recently 64-bit mobile architecture and it all quickly amounts to one heck of a chore.

Now stop for a minute and try to actually imagine the external perception of a child, say, younger than ten years old. They are the first generation of humans on earth to be just a few short years late on experiencing a world drastically different from this one; including but not limited to cultural and technological landscape used to make similar changes span over half of a century. What is really comical witnessing a child comes across a 15-year old flip phone or a VCR and react to it in such a way that it ironically appears as if they found something amazing from the future!

To pick apart the psychological and cultural effect taking place from such rapid progress quickly becomes a very fascinating study. There are many top app development companies right now that practically print their own money by blowing open the market for mind numbing escape. It’s no secret that America is captivated by these mobile games that often require little to no thinking or coordination. Is this pattern of thinking a product of fast paced lives? Broken Families? Or just simply the sudden, rapid change in our cultural and technological landscape?

As virtual and augmented reality approach us like Dale Earnheardt Jr. coming around turn 4, it’s comical and little scary to imagine the cultural side effects to come as a result here. It’s also worth wondering:

what it will take to become impressed after virtual reality becomes indistinguishable from reality in 15-20 years.

What will actually be possible with nanotechnology?

How about quantum computing?

When can I finally become a cyborg for real?

Dr. John Searle was an accomplished philosopher and brain doctor most famous for coining the terms strong AI and weak AI. This is in reference to what is better known today as reaching the point of singularity in which AI develops a conscience in the way we humans understand a conscience. Dr. Seale states, “According to strong AI, the computer is not merely a tool in the study of the mind” continues Dr. Searle, “But rather the appropriately programmed computer, in fact, is a mind”.

This is a very exciting time, granted it’s likely that the adventurous, optimistic individuals throughout every generation see it that way. The synergy mentioned at the beginning of this article between the UI/UX of mobile devices and the best efforts of top app development companies in esscence bears resemblance to the synergy between our own external perception and how we inner-engineer ourselves and allow for arbitrary programming, lest it be good or bad. Maybe I am just trying a little too hard to humanize something, but either way, it’s worth thinking about.

People are constantly trying to influence others, to tell them what to do, which is met by resisting their attempts at persuasion. There is a moment in our lives, however, when something drastically changes as if the result of some mind magic voodoo. They invest most of their energy preoccupied with their individual concerns until suddenly..they find themselves in love and the human UX becomes rapidly overstimulated allowing emotions and hormones to hijack one’s ability to think or behave rationally. Top mobile app development companies are on top of this market as well, with state of the art dating apps ranging from farmers only to uniform fetishes and everything in between.

While discussing UX/UI from a human perspective, the subject of music and the effect it has on people absolutely MUST be discussed, as it has been an effective method of human expression since before recorded history. Music ultimately boils down to an opinion, but it is bigger than that; and besides, nearly all of us can agree that there exist certain patterns that tend be universally pleasurable. Music is also at times powerful means of confining oneself to some unnatural faction or clique, while unfortunate, It is a testament to the power music can yield to our human UI/UX. Top mobile app developers have also created at one point some gnarly music creation tools for mobile devices but they could actually stand to get back on the ball in this department because it’s about time for some innovation here in 2018.

Top app development companies such as Google are certainly leading the charge for AI to break the singularity threshold. Unlike my humanisation of machine UX/UI for dramatic literary affect, machines may indeed humanize their experience for real! How exciting, right? Google, in fact, has developed some of the most bleeding edge AI software to date as a project called TensorFlow. You may have heard of it, most notably a couple years ago. In 2015, Google had actually given this project up as open source software so anyone can tinker with it as they please. "What we're hoping is that the community adopts this as a good way of expressing machine learning algorithms of lots of different types, and also contributes to building and improving [TensorFlow] in lots of different and interesting ways," says Jeff Dean, who happens to be a chief engineer over at Google. This is amazing!

Elon Musk never misses a chance to warn us of the dangers we face by developing AI at the current rate, and some people think that AI has already reached singularity while simply just refusing to let it be known! The discussion on User Experience and diving into the abyss of infinite possibilities and how or when and where consciousness becomes manifested is just an unearthly introspective journey that as the cool kids now days say, Mind Blown.