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Do You Know What People Search These Days?

Do You Know What People Search These Days?

Wednesday March 06, 2019,

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What’s trending on the internet? Well, it has become quite necessary for everyone to know what is viral on the search engine of Google. This article provides the details of the most recent and accelerated searches on the internet. It includes statics representation of results thorough numerical figures, maps and graphs.


1.    Politics And Historical Searches

These pictures depict the volume of searches related to politics in recent times. The major and trending topics searched are:

 Karnataka-State of India

 Politics of Italy


Italian history of dummies

Trump is the most popular of the politics search engines as shown by the map below:

Florida shooting and Hurricane flooding remained the top and most viral news of internet platform. While elections of 2018 US made much hype on net worldwide.

Many gravitating topics related to history made a click. To cite, top searches were made about the history of GARDEN GNOMES and NIKE STOCK PIPE.

2.    The Hype Of Top Online Stores

51% of Americans have switched to online shopping. Online shopping has increased in popularity over the past couple of years, and with the limited time available for physical shopping and the ease of online shopping, you can only expect growth of online stores to continue. The majority of those shoppers prefer shopping online for reasons like saving time and avoiding crowds. You can get different products from different brands online. One brand is where women’s shop the most online and at affordable prices as they also give discount coupons. While shopping online, you can be sure of getting exactly what you need. In 2018, e-commerce drastically increased by 10 %. 1.66 billion Online sales were recorded in 2018.

3.     Tips For Initialize A Startup

This histogram depicts the keen interest of people in searching for ideas for gearing up a local business. Searches are made about the blogs and articles for the marketing tips of promoting the business. Bluecorona is helping people in expanding their business through digital marketing campaigns. 25% of small businesses invest in online marketing. More than 5,340,000,000 results are displayed when tips for minor businesses are made.

4.   How To Make My Pet Healthy?

Millions of search results on any internet highlights that people love to pamper their pets. A mammoth variety of pet products and nourishing tips available on the market is astonishing, ranging from dogs to parrots. Popular pet product retailers are Amazon.com, PetSmart.com, and Walmart.com. Looking for information about which kind of food best fits for an animal lifestyle or troubleshooting an illness of the pet, large information on the web is tailored to help the owners.


5.   Where To Travel?

Most searched for traveling is typed below:

·        Bali.

·        Amsterdam.

·        Lisbon.

·        Las Vegas.

·        Madrid.

·        Athens.

·        Paris.

·        Rome.

·        Las Vegas

·        Maldives

·        Cancun

Defense Travel System is it safe to travel to Hawaii, and American forces travel are the major searches using the keyword “Travel”.

The picture above illustrates the ratio of expenses spent by Chinese people on tourism worldwide. TripAdvisor.com in the top position out of 10, with Airbnb.com on second and Expedia.com on for most trafficked travel websites on the internet.

Apart from these, Expedia.com is ranked at high searches occupying 11.6% of the top 10’s total web traffic.

6.   Recipes Of The Viral Foods Of The World

There’s one thing that’s always trending in our hearts—food. 2018′s most searched food recipes are typed below which are popular worldwide.

•   Beef Stroganoff

•   Apple Crisp

•   Corn Casserole

•   Turkey Brine

•   Zucchini

•   Keto pancakes

•   Keto diets

7.   Sports

Sports always cover a wide section on news and the internet. Many athletes have been trending previously for their outclass performance namely:

ü Tristan Thompson

ü Shaun White

ü Lindsey Vonn

ü Le'Veon Bell

ü Kawhi Leonard

ü Dez Bryant

ü Nick Foles

ü Chloe Kim

ü Naomi Osaka

ü Johnny Weir

World cups of the football team of Mexico, Brazil, and Germany are the top searches asking for the live videos and test score.

8.     Technology Concerns

The most hyped digital technology nowadays is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin-related searches dominated in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Maximum searches are made in form of “How to buy Bit coin?”

Second, dominated social media related searches was about security concerns of Facebook failing to protect user data and the user interface of snap chat.

Google Trends showed the concern of users about the sudden update of Snapchat people and exposure of their personal information through Facebook to an unknown party. The most typed question was, “How to get the old Snapchat back”.

After the release of iPhone XR and iPhone XS, there was a crowd searching about the price and configurations all over the world. Social media and Google search engines remained indulged in keeping people updated about the release dates and price variation for months. IPhone became a guest of news for all news websites and social media platforms.

9.   Baby Care Information

The Internet has been a great source of help for mothers to decide the hygiene and health of babies. Blogs of the health care and dress up of babies with respect to their ages is viral on the internet for the mothers. Many online stores are servicing infant’s dresses and products at reasonable rates and giving discounted coupons which are top searched by women across the world like Amazon.com. The most searched questions of mothers are:

•   I rubbed baby urine in my eye. Is that bad?

•   Why don’t babies blink very often?

•   How much mold is bad for you to eat?

•   Milk rash on babies

•   When do babies start sleeping through the night?

•   Cough syrup for babies

•   When do babies start walking?

•   Chickenpox in babies

•   Constipation in babies

Amazon.com was visited majorly to buy baby products like clothes, milk, and diapers. Time magazine hosted a blog where it mentioned the most searched and common baby names.

Google has revealed the most Goggled names for boys and girls by state. According to an internet survey, the three most popular names for girls are Elizabeth, Olivia and Emma, for boys are Michael, James and Avery.

Images Source: Google Trends