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Perfect YouTube SEO Guide to Rank your Videos in 2017

Perfect YouTube SEO Guide to Rank your Videos in 2017

Friday October 21, 2016,

5 min Read

As everyone from us know that YouTube is the most important and main platform to upload your videos and marketing them by YouTube Seo tips by using these simple guides which are shown below. YouTube is a product of Google and the biggest platform for videos with over 1 billion and 70 million watch time views per hour which is the largest number of any video website over internet.

Now days YouTube is also using to earn lots of money by ranking videos and get paid from views and watch time of your videos but it’s not easy if you don’t know the basics of YouTube Seo and easy if you know the basics of that. So after reading this great and perfect complete guide of YouTube Seo you’ll be able to rank your videos for marketing your products, business and earn from your videos.

Select Keywords Related your Video.

Keyword is the most important part of YouTube Seo, you can say that YouTube Seo is just moving around the keywords according to your videos. If you use your keyword properly according to these guide which you’re learning you can easily rank your videos.

These are some best Keyword tools which you can use to select your keywords.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is the most important and most accurate keyword research tools to select best keywords for your videos to rank them.


Simply search on search box your related video keyword such as if your video are related to food, search food on google keyword tools and you’ll get 100s of results according to food related keywords, after that select best keyword which is accurate to your video, means that keyword can describe your video. 

More Keyword Tools.

Moz Keword tools

Wordtracker tool


Uber Keyword tool

KW Long Tail Keyword Finder

These are the best and top keyword research tools which are highly important and recommend for YouTube Seo.

Important This To Select Best Keywords.

When you got your searches on your keywords now it’s time to select best keyword from these searches.

Always get keywords with minimum 3000+ searches per month.

Minimum keyword length must be 2 to 3 words (More than 3 word are more perfect)

And if you’re beginner you should use low competition keywords.

If you follow these instructions you’ll get best keyword for your video to rank it and you’ll complete first step of YouTube Seo.

Selecting Title with Using Keyword

Now it’s time to make title for your video by using your keyword which we selected by using keyword research tools.



These are some important instructions about Title for your Videos.

• Keep it Simple.

• Always consider your target audience first.

• Write a title that is a question beginning with What, Who, When, Where, How and why.

• Use Titles less than 8 Words.

• Use Research Keywords in your Title.

• Brainstorm with someone else.

Don’t Use These Words in Title.

You should must not use these words in your heading for any post, because there words are very irrelevant for sear engine like google, yahoo, bing.

These are following words

Actually, awesome, baby, beautiful, heart, here, more, right, see, social, world, and year.

Now second important part of YouTube Seo is done properly.

Write Description with using of Keyword

Description is also an important part of YouTube Seo to rank your videos. And also description are helpful for your visitors to know about your video or any marketing you want to promote on your videos.


These are some highly helpful instructions to follow and write great description of your videos.

Content is a very important part of any writing and especially for description to promote your message to your visitors and engage them for using your YouTube channel regularly and again.

Follow these instruction in your Descriptions

• Keep your paragraphs short and sweet.

• Do not make silly spelling mistakes

• Proof read your description four days later

• Proofread line by line

• Write about things you’re passionate about

• Break your text apart when you proofread it

And also important this is length of your description. It must be at least 300-350 words or more not less than 300 words.

A very important part of any onpage SEO is keyword density which is also important in YouTube Seo. Keyword density range according to google 2016 is maximum 3%. It means use your keyword on your description maximum 3% or less. If you write 300+ words so use 7 or 8 time your keyword in your description.

Tags are still Most Important

Tags on your youtube video are still an important factor to rank your videos and an important part of youtube Seo. You can rank your video by using tags very smartly and sharply after reading this great article.


The important things to using tags on your youtube videos are following.

• Use your keyword in tags

• If learning keyword use “How To” in tag

• If your keyword has 3 or more words use all as separate tag.

• Think and create more tags related to your keyword

An important and Unique Trick to rank your video in youtube is this (Read Carefully)*

• Search your keyword on youtube

• Open top 3 searches of your keyword

• Go to Source code by Pressing “Ctrl+U”

• Press “Ctrl+F” and search here “Keyword”

• Select All Tags from Here

• And Add on your tags.

This is the simplest way to rank your videos by using other top tags on your videos. By using this method your video will on recommendation of these top searches of your keywords.


These are the Perfect guides for Youtube Seo for your videos which help you a lot to rank your video on any keyword which are related to your video. By reading and applying proper these method of Youtube Seo you’ll get easy success.