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7 best practices for implementing the visitor management system

Visitor management system improves the flow of visitors in the office as well as reduces the administrative burden and increases security. Here are the best practices for implementing this visitor management system.

Tuesday August 29, 2017,

4 min Read

Visitor management refers to track the usage of any public site or building. By collecting the increasing amount of information, VMS, Visitor Management System records the use of facilities by the specific visitors and provides documentation of the visitor's registration  and whereabouts.

Select A User-Friendly System:

The visitor management system will benefit your company by increasing security and improving office productivity. But it would be also the first interaction that visitors are going to have with the company. That’s why the user-experience of this system need to be friendly. Choose a system with a great interface that would be easy to use, then customize it accordingly, so that the most used functions will be in center and front. Remember, the visitor should not take more than 20 seconds to check in.

Create The Brand Experience

After walking into your office, do visitors know immediately where are they? You have to customize the visitor management system by your brand name so that the visitors will associate their experience with your company at the time of check-in. They should not feel that they are in any other old office building.

Place The Kiosk In A Clearly Seen Location

Most of the visitor management systems implement using the self-serve kiosk. When a visitor walks through the main door, that kiosk must be placed in a location that is clearly seen to him. If you will place a kiosk in the corner, then visitors will end up knocking on the doors. And this is the exact thing for which a visitor management system has been designed to prevent.

Print The Photo Badge For Your Visitors

To print the photo badge for visitors is essential from the security’s point of view. This practice will ensure that the person who is wearing the photo badge is the same person that checked in. Moreover, it will also give you the visual record of every visitor who came in your office.

Enable Message Forwarding And Automatic Alerts

Set the visitor management system for automatically alerting the employees every time any visitor arrives. In addition to that, set up the message forwarding functionality as the backup so that when an employee gets sick, forgets to cancel his appointments, then some other employee will be notified if any of those appointments shows up.

Require All Visitors To Check Out When They Leave

The visitor's log must be the accurate record of the people who are in your office all the times. In case of emergency, evacuation would be required, and for that, the accurate visitor's log will help you to make sure that everyone would be accounted for. Hence, it is essential that the visitors check out when they leave.

Analyze Your Visitor Data

Visitor management system makes it convenient for you to analyze the data and generate the report. This lets you determine those areas where there is a need or possibility of improvement. For instance, do the appointments last as long as you had expected or do they run much longer? Does the UPS make multiple pickups daily which could be combined into one? By learning all these things about your office operations after tracking the flow of your visitors, you will be amazed.

As you are familiar with the best practices for implementing the visitor management system, the question is should you select an iPad app for it? The short answer is, yes.

iPad applications for visitor management let you get started rapidly. Within a few minutes, you can set up the system normally. A lot of systems allow the companies to import the excel spreadsheet for loading the employee’s data, only a few contain similar integration or active directory.

Most of the ipad visitor registration apps allow the visitors to sign-in, may take their photos, and offer the nondisclosure agreement. Only a few offer the detailed visitor’s induction for the compliance.

If you have to manage evacuations, inductions, contractors, or anything else and not only visitors, then you would find the iPad app for visitor management falls short of your expectations. But if you need an app just for keeping records of the visitor’s registration, it will be proven as the best option.