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Scope of Online Gold and Diamond Jewellery in India

Monday November 14, 2016,

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The gold and diamond jewellery e-commerce industry in India is still in its budding stage. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has caught on and is growing day by day. With offers like Cash on Delivery, 30 day return policy, the perception of consumers for online jewellery stores is changing.

Presently, India does not rank so well with the number of female internet users (which is only 8.4%) but market watchers opine that this percentage is certainly going to increase in the coming years. This makes it the right time for online jewellery stores to mark their presence since women are sure to make a great difference in online jewellery business in the time to come.

E-commerce jewellery giants like Velvetcase.com, Caratlane.com, Aurumvilla.com, etc are giving a whole lot of new options both in terms of new designs and customer service. Their policies like Cash on Delivery, try at home, custom create any jewellery piece are starting to gather buyer's attention and that is the reason they have so popular in the recent years. The discount range that they offer is certainly beating traditional jewellery stores and people are starting to accept this concept of buying a gold or diamond jewellery piece online. These online e-commerce stores have also started using social media very wisely. Stores like aurumvila , velvetcase and others have made their prices so competent that one is totally intrigued to have a look at the designs atleast.

There are a number of factors which are also turning to be in favour of the boom for online diamond and gold jewellery. The main factor being more and more users using social media. This gives an excellent visibility of such brands to the right category of audiences. The online gold and diamond jewellery is making the best it can of these social media websites. All of these jewellery e-commerce stores have a totally fair and strict policy when it comes to quality. Almost all the leading online gold and diamond jewellery stores are extremely transparent and clear in terms of their certifications as well other policies. They seem to be good enough to gain the trust of any buyer. This combined with a very large and in trend jewellery designs is definitely working out for them and Indian buyers are accepting this latest boom in the e-commerce slowly but at a good pace.

So when there is no doubt that Indians are still in the phase of getting used to e-commerce as compared to the west, online precious jewellery business is also being welcomed slowly and Indians are sure getting used to spending a whopping amount on them.

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