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Can personal air purifiers help with cigarette smoke?

Be it smoking tobacco or smokeless tobacco, both of them can cause cancer in many forms leading to an early and painful death.

Can personal air purifiers help with cigarette smoke?

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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Cigarette smoking in India

It is known to everyone that cigarette smoking or inhalation of cigarette smoke is hazardous for everyone to be it children, youth or elders.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 7million people die every year because of tobacco. More than 85% of the total deaths are a result of direction consumption and rest are the result of passive smoking.

Smoking kills over one million people in India annually and is the fourth leading cause of non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as cancer and heart diseases. Government of India has been trying to decrease cigarette consumption but nothing seems to help the current condition of smoking. Hence, for non-smokers, it is a very terrible condition as they are falling ill by passive smoking.


No matter what you do, where you go, you will still be inhaling the smoke of the cigarettes that other people are smoking. Hence, it is time for you to say no to passive smoking and protect your health from degrading. Home air purifiers, air pollution mask, and personal air purifiers are some of the filters that prevent harmful smoke from entering your body. All of them differs in their efficiency and portability. You cannot stay at home relying on your home air purifier and neither you can carry it everywhere with you. Hence, it is good only when you are at home. Air pollution masks are not efficient enough to purify cigarette smoke and also, it restricts your action. Last but not least, personal air purifiers are possibly your perfect protection partner from cigarette smoke. You can wear them anywhere, anytime and they are highly efficient in preventing smoke particles from entering your body.

They work on advanced ionic technology in which millions of healthy negative ions are released by the purifier. A zone of cleaner air is formed around you when you wear the personal air purifiers around your neck. Few air purifiers have been lab-tested to provide relief from cigarette smoke and help you breathe clean air. In India, there are only two available personal air purifiers- AirTamer A310 and Invisiclean IC-103.

AirTamer A310


The AirTamer A310 works on advanced ionic technology and emits two million negative ions per second.

It creates a 3-feet sphere of cleaner and healthier air around your head when worn around the neck with the provided wearable strap. According to a lab test done by Intertek, the AirTamer A310 can reduce cigarette smoke particles in a container roughly by 98.9% in just five minutes.

This wearable air purifier is rechargeable and a single charge lasts for more than 150 hours. As it has no noisy fan or motors, it makes absolutely no noise while in use.


The InvisiClean IC-103 uses the same ionic technology to reduce smoke particles. It generates nearly 3 to 3.5 million ions per second can be easily worn around the neck using a strap or around the waist with the provided belt clip.

It comes with an in-built fan which can be turned on to maximize its effect. With the fan on, it covers an area of nearly 50 sq. ft. around it. However, turning the fan on can bring its battery life to just 8 hours whereas if it is turned off, it can run up to 240 hours.

The presence of the fan also means that it might not be as quiet as fan-less models. Of course, there is always an option to turn it off if the noise bothers you. This wearable purifier is only available on amazon.in

Your Protection Is In Your Hands

Nobody is going to stop smoking unless they want to bring a healthy change in their lifestyle. Hence, it is must for non-smokers to protect themselves from going cigarette smoke in the environment.