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Career prospects in India for graduates in Industrial Designing

Career prospects in India for graduates in Industrial Designing

Monday March 18, 2019,

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Designs surround us everywhere in virtual as well as physical spaces. The demand of industrial designers is increasing all across the globe and offers a rewarding career. Studying design is quite challenging as the degree program takes three to five years for completion. Being immensely rewarding, the degree has become very popular and a competitive choice. The best industrial designing institutes in India offer the right courses that develop practical and theoretical skills in students.

Bachelor of Design course

Bachelor of Design is one such degree program in the field of designing that deals with designing a particular part of the entire structure or the design of any particular shape. Design degrees are slowly becoming popular widely including product design, computer games design, interior design, animation, furniture design and much more. The best degrees teach design theory and how to draw both by hand as well as computer. Amazing career opportunities are there for the design graduates linked to their particular field of specialization. The key subjects of undergraduate programs in designing include 3D materials, computer-aided design, technology  and manufacturing as well as fundamental aspects of typography and graphics layout.

Career opportunities for design degree graduates

After pursuing this program, you will develop some of the most amazing skills and knowledge like flexibility of working in different environment and culture along with some technical skills to develop creativity. Still, depending on the specializations, the career opportunities often vary. As an industrial designer, your responsibilities will be to create new products and systems which further improve the function and value of the products in order to meet the customer satisfaction. Based on the ideas of the clients, the designers first draw a sketch of how that particular product will look. The industrial designers get employed by the manufacturing companies. After pursuing this course, one may start his career as graphics designer to create graphics for ads, publishing houses and others. Some of the top job profiles associated with this course includes:

  • Design managers
  • Textile designer
  • Cutting assistant
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Outside sales representatives and more.

Attractive salary packages are offered to the B.Des qualified aspirants across the world. The industrial design professionals are actively involved in designing, testing, modeling, producing prototypes. The job opportunities are available both in public as well as private sector.

Industrial design institutes

Industrial design is a complicated field that involves creating products and objects used by customers starting from the idea stage and going through the manufacturing process. Industrial design is a specialization in the design course that covers several areas of design. Pursuing industrial design course in India from a reputed institute is always important for a successful career. The best institute teaches students how to design systems and create products which ultimately optimize the value, appearance and the functions for the consumers. During the course, students have to take part in design studios, labs, theoretical courses and the classroom projects. This helps developing the problem-solving skills and aesthetic abilities of the aspirants.

There are numerous opportunity in the field of design and if a student looking for career in industrial design then there are reasons to get thrilled for the asking demand of designers across India. There are numerous options in India in terms of reputed industrial designing institutes for student to fulfill their dreams. There are lot of options available for pursuing career in designing either through degree programs or through fast track. But, the degree programs like B Des in designing will help to boost career in different streams like color, photography, design, construction etc.

If you have a combination of mechanical skills, artistic flair and the problem-solving capabilities, then industrial designing is the best career option.