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Live Life the Lucknow Way

Eat, live and roam like a nawab in Lucknow

Live Life the Lucknow Way

Friday June 17, 2016,

4 min Read

Holidays are always exciting, be it with your friends, family or significant other. Indeed, traveling has got something that brings on a gush of bliss in your mind. For me, I haven’t ever seen a single person who’s nostalgia is more powerful than peregrination. In short, a trip to a new place will always be a source of happiness. This trip was planned in April ending, and visiting Uttar Pradesh in this month is not bad, though it is not good either. Since, the level of heat is unbearable and sun exposure can cause heatstroke and other minuscule troubles. However, mornings and evenings are pleasant and one can enjoy a stroll around. Additionally, for a Mumbaikar, Uttar Pradesh is envisioned as indigenous and local. But, this myth got devastated big time with the visit to Lucknow. Amazingly manicured gardens, paved roads, cycle lanes and lavish malls at every juncture would surely surprise one. These are not the only things that kept the surprise level high apart from courteous and graceful gestures for every Lucknowi, the delicacies that this city has to offer is divine.

Food is the highlight in Lucknow, though the people and their language give Lucknow a different identity. Things are quite slow, people have a relaxed mentality and love engaging in a holistic discussion pertaining to the city and its historicity. There are a host of budget hotels in Lucknow, though go for the ones that are close to Charbagh Railway Station. Since, you get crowd, vehicles, and restaurants that would help in exploring the destination. Locals be of aid during the need of guidance, restaurants for food and vehicles for transport of course. To point a twinge for all who possess cravings for tea or coffee; it is served only in morning or evening. Like I mentioned, it is the people who give a different recognition to the city follow a particular routine for everything they do. Being close to station is also for one more good reason, the city closes down early. So, the locale near the station is awake till late for trains could be an easy access to all who are a bit nocturnal by nature. Every Tuesday people get poori bhaji as prasad (sacrament) in Hanuman mandir at every juncture. Lastly, do buy a chicken worked dress or kurta, as Lucknow is the origin of such artistry.

In my remembrance, every next person you meet will have something new to share about the city. Just a hint, keep on talking to as many people as you can. They all are jolly and feel overwhelmed in disclosing the unknowns about the place. Food is weakness for most of them and when the city has so much to offer with respect to delicacies then missing this gastronomical experience would be the dumbest thing to do on earth. Places that has to be in your visit list are Raja Bazar for Idrish Biryani, Chowk for Makhhan and Rahim’s Nihari, Hewett Road for Rattilal’s Khachori, Hazratganj for Bajpayee’s Kachori, Triloknath Marg for Dahi Bhalle and Aminabad for Tunday Kebab and Wahid’s Chicken Biryani, to name a few. Maybe the above list is not even half, since there are infinite number of food joints running from ages and serving the best quality and tasteful delicacies. Throughout Lucknow you would not find a single place where there is no finger-licking food available. If food is not what gives you joy then try exploring the city, you would get a range of information about the Mughal Empire. Do visit Chota Imambara, Bara Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, The Residency and Bhool Bhulaiya among others. I am sure that the list can be expanded to other endless tourist attractions, though these are the ones that shows Lucknow’s real nawabi realm.