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'Today's corporate daycare not just a business but a BOON for working mothers

For many parents, child care facility has become a necessity, causing feelings of stress and worry for leaving their kids in the hands of either a commercial or home day care center.

'Today's corporate daycare not just a business but a BOON for working mothers

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

7 min Read


Corporate Day Care: A Caring Hand For Your Kids

For many parents, child care facility has become a necessity, causing feelings of stress and worry for leaving their kids in the hands of either a commercial or home day care center. Though, studies have shown that young kids can gain the benefits from being enrolled in daycare facilities at an early age. That is why many working parents prefer child care facilities for their kids which can take care of their breakfast to evening snacks. But what after that? Does the responsibility and worry of parents end here? No, it doesn’t. Admission of your infant in a child care is not the only solution to balance your work and personal life. Just think once, you are out for work and your child is at daycare, would you be able to meet your toddler regularly during your office hours. No, because it will be quite difficult to take frequent breaks during the working hours, but at the same time it becomes difficult to keep your focus at work.

Child care problems don't end here, they have consequences for employers also; analysts revealed that problems with day care can be a notable void on the productivity of the worker, and sometimes it results in the loss of potential employees. Experts say small business are extremely prone to such consequences since they are not having enough financial resources to install corporate day care centers that have proven useful to some larger organization in addressing this matter. But there is also the variety of day care center providing best child care services to these small businesses in order to help their valued employees to deal with the health care issues.

Parents who are working always want their kids to receive care in a secure and loving environment in their absence. When they are sure about their children’s safety in another person’s care, it becomes a sense of relief for them, and the removing of burden prevailing among today’s career-oriented mothers and fathers.

Not only for parents but child care facility turns out to be the icing on a cake for the development of kids. Here we are going to give you some of the reasons why day care has become an essential aspect of parents and their children’s overall development.

A Prerequisite for Working Parents

Many parents get their young ones enrolled in a day care center due to the need of working. They must go for their job and no one is there to take care of their kids. Without a child care center, one of the parents has to stay at home, which could cause financial trouble for the family. However some parents might not find it the prime option, but for many, it is the best option. Finding a standard day care with a nurturing and friendly staff is one of the key priorities and concerns of the working parents with young kids.

Learning to Socialize And Making Friends

In a child care center, children get a chance to meet and understand each other. This gives them an opportunity to learn the skills of socialization and how to deal with different types of cultures and personalities. They also learn to share with other kids and play together. As they grow up, this may help them in making better relationships with their peers. Teaching kids appropriate social life skills, providing them with accepting and willing fellows to use these skills with, and producing opportunities for kids to practice these skills, teachers can enhance all kids’ social behaviors, possibly for a lifetime.

Learning the Fundamentals

Child cares may also offer kids a chance to pull ahead in their academic ventures. Though most of the day cares do not offer formal classroom instructions, caring staff members may sometimes read some stories for the young toddlers and get them introduced to numbers, letters, and basic colors. The best daycares always provide a small boost to the academic performances, possibly by encouraging the early accession of school readiness skills.

Long-Lasting Benefits

Studies show that kids who attend a standard day care may have a higher probability of success in future. It has been found that those who spend their younger years in a standard child care had easier transformations to fundamental school and beyond. Additionally, parents with kids in daycares were more involved in their kid’s basic and secondary school programs and activities.

We understand that a child care center can help parents to a great extent, but it will not help them completely. As we mentioned above, admission of your child to a daycare center is not the only solution to manage your work and personal life. You will need to see your child at least for twice a day during your working hours and your young one will also need you, especially mothers.

As a complete solution for all the working parents and their employers, Government of India has finally taken an initiative under the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 to make day care necessary in all the office premises that are having more than 50 employees.

Day Care In The Workplace

Offering child care services in the company premises can have various benefits for the organizations, including lowering turnover, high employee morale and attracting a vast variety of applicants. Though providing corporate day care can be costly, many organizations find that it literally saves money by decreasing turnover and employee absenteeism. There exists a wide variety of options, from bring-your-baby-to-work programs to on-site day care and associations between small organizations.

Benefits To Employees

Daycare at a workplace is an essential benefit for several employees, which allows them to spend more time with their kids during their workday. Some on-site programs allow employees to spend their breaks with their kids or few new mothers to meet and feed their infants. Parents are able to take their children at work, increasing the amount of time they spend together. Daycares at workplace also reduce the worry of some parents, enhancing their ability to focus on their jobs.

Company Benefits

Corporate daycares can lower the employee's absenteeism, as they do not need to take off on a regular basis in order to take care of their kids. It eventually helps in increasing the productivity of the employees, which works as a huge benefit for the company. Another huge savings is perceived in bringing the new mothers back to the work in a short time, letting companies save in recruiting and training their replacements.

Options For Day Cares

There are various options available for Corporate day cares according to the resources and strength of the companies. A large organization with a higher number of the workforce may choose to open an on-site child care center serving only its existing employees. For other companies, the better option may be a partnership with a local organization or school to offer services. Similarly, smaller companies located near each other can jointly open a nearby day care or avail the common services together through the best day care service providers.

Your kids are just like clay, they can be molded by those who surround them. In the early years of their growth, it is important for them to receive the love and care of their parents as well as learn the moral values for the betterment of their future. At the same time, it becomes essential for parents to earn sufficient so that they are able to fulfill the basic needs for their children’s overall growth and spend time with their little angels. A child care facility is nothing less than a bliss for all the working parents who are working hard for a better future without compromising with the love and time for their kids.