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5 quick life lessons we can learn from Tai Lopez

Have an Overall Brand Story that is Exciting to the Audience,Be Authentic - Don’t Change Who You Are...

5 quick life lessons we can learn from Tai Lopez

Monday June 12, 2017,

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Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who made it big using a garage video that went viral on YouTube.

He is the ideal modern day role model for anyone starting on the entrepreneurial journey. He uses social media and digital marketing to his advantage to get his message across. So what can we learn from Tai Lopez?

Have an Overall Brand Story that is Exciting to the Audience

There are millions if not billions of brands out there and especially on the social web. So it is important to have a story about your brand that engages your audience. When posting something on social media it is easy to just slap a few updates now and then but to have an overarching brand story that puts all your updates in perspective is very important in the modern day and age to be able to succeed online. This allows viewers to connect with the brand and builds brand recognition.

Be Authentic - Don’t Change Who You Are

Whenever you are on social media be yourself. Be genuine and try to produce content that people will like to consume. If the content is just about you then no one will care but if the content is genuinely useful and it is authentic you can get viewer attention.

Produce Content that Adds Value and is Very Rarely Seen

Tai Lopez loves YouTube as it allows him to connect with his audience through long form content that is not just simple text. YouTube keeps your viewers absorbed through visuals, multimedia and keep both their eyes and ears engaged. If you produce content that is all about you then no one will like it or share it. But when you produce content that is educational and valuable you stand a better chance of being found by new followers. Creating valuable content alone is not good enough as there are many people who are doing that so creating content that is rare to find, see or created gives you a better chance of success.

In Order to Succeed, You Must Take Risks

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur in the modern age you must take calculated risks. This is especially true if you are using digital marketing and social media. You must try and experiment with things people are not trying. You must give an experience people don’t get with other brands. Using Snapchat and Instagram stories as part of your overall brand story is a great way to connect with the audience and deliver a different experience and perspective.

Read a Book Every Day

Tai Lopez believes in books, in fact, he reads a book every day. He learns from well known and successful entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. The best thing we can learn from Tai is not to be scared and take a calculated risk. When you are doing and producing something different people may ask questions and may not always believe in you. But as long you have the belief you can always tap into the tree of success.