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Process To Revise TDS Return

Tax deducted at source or TDS is an indirect tax imposed by the government of India deducted at the source that is from the place the income is earned by the person. 

Thursday February 23, 2017,

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Tax Deducted at source as the name tells is deducted at the time the payment of the income earned is received income includes salary, Lotteries, Interests from banks, Payments of commissions and many more. When a payment is subject to TDS, a certain percentage of consideration will be deducted by the person who makes such payment. The person the person deducting the TDS is called the Deductor and whose TDS is deducted is called the Deductee.

Procedure for Filing Revised TDS Return

You can fill the TDS online as the e-TDS there are some simple steps that are to be followed for the TDS return online the steps are as follows

1) You have to login into your account or you have to create if you are new to the website.

2) Enter User ID and password to login into your account.

3) Go to the TDS section in the site and the choose the option of upload TDS

4) In the form provided, select the appropriate statement details from the drop down box options for Form Name, Quarter, Upload Type, FVU Version, Financial Year.

5) Click on the validate option after filling the form which was on the screen

6) Upload the TDS zip file in which the TDS or the TCS statement is to be uploaded which can be made through downloading the utility from TaxRaahi.

7) Attach the file of the signature generated by the DSC Management Utility for the uploaded TDS ZIP file and follows the step by step navigation for Uploading the zip file if there is a bulk Upload to be done

8) Click on the Upload button and once the TDS is uploaded the success message will be displayed on the screen and a confirmation mail is sent to the registered email id.

Steps to file e -TDS Revised Return

1) In this process, the same structure is to be followed as the time of the e-TDS return filling

2) You have to revise the Data through the return preparation utility which can be done from the site https://www.taxraahi.com/ and login to the TAN account you get database to edit.

3) Validate your filed e-TDS return and reassure it

4) Filing of the revised TDS return which can be done online or by visiting the nearest centre whose address will be available on the official website of Income tax department.

This article has been contributed by Simran Setia, Content Writer, TaxRaahi- an E- filing portal for professionals and businessmen for Income Tax Return and TDS Return.