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Not for Profit Organisations and Online Startup Strategies

How these Online Charity-Driven Startups are donating money to not for profit organisations while allowing their customers to save money...

Not for Profit Organisations and Online Startup Strategies

Monday April 29, 2019,

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Not for profit organisations are the roots that help to hold society together. The ability to distribute profits to those who need it the most can be tricky. Yet these businesses are the backbone of our society. So how can start ups and fully established companies start reaching out a helping hand to these incredibly moral and utterly vital organisations?

Saving Money While Raising Money

One site that has made it its mission to raise money for charitable causes is My Favourite Voucher Codes. The site have been raising money for different charities in the UK since 2012. It has raised £56,400 so far. But they don't plan on stopping there. The startup has done huge amounts of good by donating 25% of its profit to charity every month. Not only this, but each charity gets exposure on the company's social media platforms and website. Consumers using the site (and so helping to raise these vital funds) are also able to save money too. Voucher code sites are crafted through affiliate marketing. It is easy to see how web-centric businesses can integrate a charitable ethos into their business model.

Not for Profit - Money

Crowdfunding with Just Giving

Just Giving is a site whose premise is to provide a platform to those who are in need of funding. People can set up profiles, circulate their story and receive funding. This funding comes from the general public and businesses alike. This is a really fantastic way to help those who need it to raise vital funding for their cause. The money that the site makes goes back into funding their own charitable tech-driven innovations.

Give as you Live

Another startup affiliate site here. Give as you Live have a similar process to My Favourite Voucher Codes. They provide customers with voucher codes on major online retailers while donating some of their profits to different not for profit organisations. This is a great way for people to save money while raising money for charity. It's the pinnacle of online corporate giving.

So How Can Giving to Charity Help Your Startup?

The benefits for both customers and charities in these company initiatives is evident. It is also worth considering just how giving to charity can help startups to grow. The main benefit of integrating a giving ethos into a company is the positive press that comes with it. Customers and advertisers alike will have a positive view of a company if it has a moral of giving. This can be a great tool to utilise for digital marketing, PR and consumer opinions.

Charity campaigns are a great way for startups to get the helping hand they need to really get their message, product and business out there. It is definitely a route worth considering.

Founder of My Favourite Voucher Codes, Julian House, states that...

“the initiative has helped not only the charities involved and our site visitors, but also the raise in awareness of our brand. It really is a win win situation…”

Not for Profit - Online Business

What Methods of Giving Can Be Used?

Considering how a startup will help non profit organisations is important in driving their success. These are the methods that have been used by the sites above:

  • My Favourite Voucher Codes hosts a charity poll each month. This sees the winning charity receive 20% of their profits for that month.
  • Just Giving allows users to curate profiles for either giving or receiving donations.
  • Give as you Live allows consumers to choose particular charities that they want the profits from their spending to go to.

In each case, a contributory method has been applied. So, reviewing the type of campaign that works best for what startups is imperative.

It is easy to see the well rounded benefits that accompany a focus on giving in corporate campaigns. Utilising them in a bid to both raise brand awareness while also helping wider social causes is surely a great strategy to use. Overall, raising money for charity is clearly a factor worth considering in the curation, continuation and success of online businesses and startups.