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Chatbot’s Use Cases for Healthcare, CRM, e-Retail Industry

This article discusses how chatbots are used to solve problems across healthcare, customer relationship management, e-retail industry.

Chatbot’s Use Cases for Healthcare, CRM, e-Retail Industry

Thursday May 30, 2019,

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A chatbot is simply, a piece of software that can have regular communication with a human. The very first bot was Eliza developed in 1966 which was a text-based bot.

Till today, it has been evolved very much and gone voice based. Now, it can have more intelligent and interactive conversations which also can be personalized based on which user is using.

For an organization, chatbot development emphases around enhancing business processes and delivering an intuitive user experience to stakeholders.

In this article, we will discuss catboats’ use cases across multiple industries. A very common use case of a chatbot deployed platform is user asks questions and bot can deliver valid answers to those questions.

We will discuss below use cases here in this article:

  • Healthcare
  • Customer relation
  • Online shopping


One of the popular healthcare chatbots is the Joy developed by Danny Freed. Joy helps to track, monitor, and improve mental health. It suggests the way to deal with emotions like anxiety, stress, sadness etc. and also suggests related resources from around the web.

Woebot is a chatbot that tracks a user’s daily conversations and other activities to get insights about the mood and how the patient is feeling to evaluate the patient’s mental health using cognitive behavioural therapy. Woebot is built by experienced psychology researchers.

The University of California created a healthcare bot which works as a virtual radiologist and provides support for clinical decision.

This virtual radiologist bot is built to assist doctors to provide detailed information to the patient with the overview of radiology treatment or inform them about the next steps in a treatment plan, in real-time.

The virtual radiologist bot was based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and built on a basis of over 2,000 real-world data points designed to mirror questions that usually come up during a radiology consultation.

Customer relation

To carry out brilliant customer relation, individuals are required to spend their lots of time on mundane tasks. With a chatbot, such tasks can be automated so that individuals can focus on more important things.

A sales team of any organization requires to maintain customer and prospect data and thus require to enter data manually. It has been found that 20 per cent of sales professionals’ efforts are spent in filling out the information in the customer relationship management system. Chatbots with automated data entry process helps sales personnel to focus more on customer relations.

Fireflies is a bot to record, transcribe, and organize calls data. It mines data from audio conversations and finds relevant information to be fed to the CRM. It also organizes the team's knowledge in one place by capturing everything that was said during all the meetings.

Salesforce has built a bot, which extracts important data that should be fed to CRM from a slack communication with a customer. From a variety of data present in a slack conversation, it only fetches the relevant data that needs to be fed.

Online shopping

Users on an e-commerce website spent most of their time in search of a relevant product they are looking to buy. It is time consuming given users’ requirements about particular specification and features of the product. This makes the experience not so good and the user may abandon the service decide to procrastinate.

Here chatbot comes handy, it will ask for the specification and features that website users are looking for and accordingly it would suggest better options.

ShopBot is a shopping bot developed by the eBay with an aim to assist customers during their shopping journey and enhance user experience. ShopBot helps the customer to find the best deals that are available and discover products in accordance to their requirements. Also, customers can select the conversation medium either text, voice or images, whatever they prefer.

It was build using deep learning algorithms along with Natural Language Processing and Understanding and computer vision to help users convey their shopping needs using text, voice or images and derive results based on those requests.

Apart from these three industries, a chatbot can be used across many industries such as telecom, banking, finance, insurance, government and many more.

Have you got any use case idea for a chatbot? Please comment below.