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Choose The Best SEO Company For Your Business in UAE

Choose The Best SEO Company For Your Business in UAE

Thursday January 10, 2019,

5 min Read

Choosing the best SEO company for your business can be more difficult than it might seem in the beginning. But it is a stark reality that many people in business fall for shiny presentations presented by presenters with excellent sales skills. The need of the hour is that you never judge the book by its cover.

Many SEO companies will create very flashy, high tech sales pitches and make bold promises but they may fail to deliver even the essentials of SEO for your website.

To be on the safe side in the UAE business arena one must be highly result oriented and go for those companies that will offer you solid targets and you get to pay them after the job is well delivered or they won’t ask you for any payment.

In search of SEO companies, you may come across some SEO companies who may boost pitches towards you of having a "secret sauce" for SEO. Keep in mind that there is no "secret sauce" in the world of SEO. SEO is an art and a science at the same time, and some SEO organizations do it better than others. You need to spot those entities in this cutthroat business that can deliver desired and claimed results to you.

Do thorough research and never choose a cheap SEO company and expect quality work.

If your target audience is in UAE, then you should choose the company in the same country no matter what your location is in the world.  

Keeping these points in mind, here is the list of top SEO company list that is currently doing business in the UAE digital marketing space.

Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)

Digital Marketing Agency is a well-established SEO company. DMA houses award-winning SEO professionals and promises to deliver page one ranking in search engines. DMA believes in thorough competition analysis and reliable strategies to obtain top rankings for their clients. Before starting their actual SEO practices, the company experts perform audits to determine the keywords and assess the quality of the content on their client’s website. They also employ internal linking strategies. Digital Marketing Agency surely is one the best choice for their SEO expertise.


Branex is another choice for being one of the top SEO companies in Dubai, UAE. Branex help business grows beyond their expectations by improving their ranking in search engines and attracting loads of traffic. The use of top-notch software like TaskQue to help other business ranks well and boost their revenue. The company claims to use unique SEO processes to help their clients. They regularly update their strategies and marketing techniques to comply with quality SEO. Branex has hundreds of satisfied clients in their client base that appreciate the quality work that the company provides.

Leads Dubai     

Leads Dubai is another SEO company that promises it’s clients to reach number one ranking in search engines within 3 to 6 months. They believe that if you want to stay in business, SEO is crucial and search engine optimization can make or break your business. If you take on with small companies for SEO, they may use black hat SEO and can do more damage than they will do good to your business due to the possibility of search engine penalties. The company provides a series of SEO services that help their clients rank on search engines.

Kamil Web Solutions

Kamil Web Solutions is another premiere SEO company that has a strong presence in Dubai, UAE serving its clients worldwide. The company fully develops a plan before it starts any of its creative campaigns. They have a full set of digital marketing techniques and strategies to make their clients to stand out on search engines and reach the maturity of their online marketing potential helping them grow. They combine brand marketing with social media to make their SEO more effective and long-lasting. The company provides exceptionally comprehensive SEO marketing solutions and help companies to excel and triumphantly face competition.


SEOSherpa is has been working with top brands like HSBC, Nissan, and Damac in their past track record. It shows that their work reflects the quality and they have helped capture the market for top brands through online marketing channels. As a case study of a company like "Bodysmart," they can guarantee you to get a 212% increase in online visitors making the traffic double for your online marketing mediums. They made “Bodysmart” page view on their website to grow to 279% which is phenomenal. You may not get the same statistics, but the results are usually astonishing after the SEO of your site. Many keywords of the “Bodysmart” company ranked number one, and their leads became four times from 30 to an astounding 120 per month. You can hop to get proportional gains when you optimize your website for search engines.

Be On Top   

Be On Top have seven branches across four countries that include the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kyrgyzstan, United Kingdom, and Russia. Be On Top claims that SEO is their Internet Marketing specialty that has emerged in both Russian and English spheres of the Internet Markets. Be On Top does not charge any fees and for Dubai based companies, they are offered to pay after their websites show ranking in the Search Engines. The company promises more leads, more clients, more money and as a result more success for your business to grow. The company also promises to get your business website on top of the search engines in a very brief time and reap the benefits of ranking high.

The importance of SEO is hard to deny as companies struggle very hard and pour tons of money to acquire more business from their online presence. SEO has become the best resort to acquire the business from the Internet and the companies listed here help enterprises to a great deal to reach the top rankings in search engines and get more leads, customers, and clients and to grow in size and revenue.       

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